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    wait, when did we start listening to englishmen? don't they hate us for our freedoms? aren't they kinda soft on the nazi question? isn't choosing tea over coffee a symptom of latent homo-ism?
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    What I wonder, like @olyclimber, is why us @DanO? Why do you care about us so much and not the people over on TAY or Facebook, or wherever? Because, let's be honest, we're not that lovable. Except for @Bronco. He's a love machine!
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    Happy earth day! Spoiler: you won't save the earth or anything else by reading the internet and posting on the internet. You have to get out there and DO something (and not do other things).
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    Alternatively- a term you seem to embrace- you violated the terms of service of a privately owned service (the use of which is free), and you’re too fucking stupid and entitled to understand what the first amendment covers and what it does not.
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    more importantly Ivan made an appearance. that's almost as rare as a week of sun in the Seattle skies.
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