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    There's been a decline in traffic across all message boards, some of which is due to the advent of social media, some of which is due to people accessing the internet with their phones most of the time. If you happen to be on a social media platform and encounter a story or beta about a route that you think would be interesting or helpful to other folks, encourage whoever contributed to put it up here or ask their permission to post it here so that it gets added to the archive.
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    Unfortunately I think most people post in the facebook group now. It's really too bad because whereas a forum like cc.com serves as a useful repository of information and trip reports for years/decades, on the Facebook group the posts that people make about their trips are essentially impossible to find after the first few days. I can't count the number of times I've found a key piece of information about some bit of navigation from some trip report here that is 5-10+ years old. Facebook is a terrible terrible medium for this kind of information, and yet people gravitate there because that's where they can get more "likes" on their reports. Sigh.