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    Found 3 pitches of wi2/3 ice near milepost 72 off Steven's pass highway. Fun climbing, plenty fat for screws! 2nd pitch is wi3, 1st and 3rd are shorter and wi2. Anyone know what this route is called? See gps track for location.
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    She went missing August 1st. SAR flew their chopper over that area, and then a horde of wannabe heroes flew drones with cameras all over that area. Plenty of climbers went out to do the routes in the area over the following months. I haven't been up near the Vesper summit in a while, but I'm very confident that's not SS's body. The SS rescue crowd is really wacky (go read it on FB), so I bet some of them will hold out hope and try to 'rescue' that photoshopped red blob.
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    Like Pumpkin Spice spicy? Or Posh Spice spicy?