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    New FKT for Complete North Ridge of Stuart, 5:57 car to car. https://ropeandsummit.wordpress.com/2018/07/05/mt-stuart-complete-north-ridge/
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    Alex Lowe "lungs with legs" did a bunch of speed stuff that was unannounced and understated.
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    I met a guy at the beginning of the shutdown who was about to wall out the royal arches. Plenty of people do that, but he was the first intentional case that I'd heard of.
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    every time i try to do a fast solo i end up seeing somethign shiny and lose interest - maybe it's b/c i'm 6'6" and have BAD knees? soloing serpentine would be cool - i'd miss the toke'n conversations on the way in n' out though, plus that's a hella long drive on my lonesome