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    If you have something you want to share with Megan, please do so. If you want to talk but don't feel comfortable talking to Megan, please contact me anonymously and we can explore ways so your story can be heard. If you don't want to tell your story but need help healing and finding closure and need assistance in doing that again let me know and we can see how we can assist you in that. I'm a victim of harassment. I've also reported sexual harassment in the work place on several occasions. None of these instances were "misunderstandings" and variety of other lame excuses, it was a product of selfishness and a culture that fosters it. I refuse to be part of that. I'm closing this thread as there is nothing to be gained by any further discussion.
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    You mean pop up in a Internet forum and make a bunch of heavy accusations about someone, provide no proof, and then disappear? Is that an "opinion"? Or unless you're talking about what is going on over at NWHikers...I don't know the truth of it. But I don't think accusations of sexual harassment or whatever is being said over there is an "opinion". It is either fact or isn't. The truth is known by those party to that, or witnesses to it. I think the real problem is that some people are treating the matter like an opinion, when all parties (especially victims) deserve a discussion based upon facts.
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    kukuzka1, his brother, and I were Team Motrin on an Alaska trip a few years back; I think graduating to Team Centrum Silver is appropriate!
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    You'd love it dude, next year you can guide me up it 'cause by then I'll forget that we even did it!