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    Anybody been up Triple Couloirs recently? I'd imagine it's thin but assume it might be in. I'm a 5 hour drive away so am hoping to wait until it's definitely in, to make the drive. Thanks!
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    MA just texted me that he and partner did the Navigator Wall FWA at M7+ R
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    That was before the massive inversion really kicked in, however. Many places went from pretty OK Monday (my experience on north facing slopes in North Cascades) to crap by yesterday (per the NWAC pro obs and telemetry). I have no doubt that deep on the east side, and high, you can still find something worthwhile, but that isn't really less than 2.5 hours from Seattle. But I'll look forward to someone posting something that proves me wrong next Monday. For me, half the fun is the conditions betting game. It is way more fun when you make a hard prediction and see how it compares to reality.
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    1 - Stay healthy. 2 - A few FAs somewhere somehow. 3 - A few memorable wilderness sufferfests w friends. 4 - One bucket list climb. 5 - More cowbell.
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    Trip: Mount Ann - The Path of Powder Date: 1/2/2017 Trip Report: I've noticed that there is a dearth of the fresh summit views on the site of late. That's to be expected, of course, given the season, but we do live in a remarkable neck of the woods with year-round peak-bagging opportunities. Take Mount Ann, for example. It is nothing much to look at in summer, not much more than a bump on the ridge south of the trail to Lake Ann and the Fisher Chimneys. In winter, however, it is transformed into a fine ski outing with great fall line descents and hard to match views of Mount Shuksan in its rime-encrusted splendor. The crowds of summer disappear and you have the powder, views, and valley to yourselves...... Gear Notes: The full backcountry ski kit. No need for whippet or axe. Approach Notes: skis, naturally
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    Current conditions as of 1/1/2018 on Mount Ann - Wicked Sick..... How is is that we are the first up after days of no precip? The cornices didn't all fall during the rain: I never have the energy to go over there: Komo Kulshan: An OK backdrop to the final skin to the summit: The rain certainly caused a bit of a cycle in the Baker Backcountry: Thanks for another good day Mount Ann!
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    Banks as of 01/01/18 Had about 6 people total along the whole E. shore bringing in the New Year the right way. ...thin and raining death from above. The last two (sorry for poor quality) are Hubba Hubba (looks thin from the road) and R&D in Icicle Creek for some mixed. Should be good in 2-3 weeks. ..anyone have any condition reports/ beta on Guye S. gully this season? its been in the clouds the last 3 times I went over the pass... really want to get up there soon and when its in good condition.
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    Just posted a report on Millennium Wall near Leavenworth:
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    Did a quick drive by Banks on way home from Canada yesterday. I would describe conditions as anemic. There isn't enough moisture from seeps or snow melt to build chubby ice now. None of the Devil's Punch Bowl climbs or Champagne are close. Here are shitty pics of the best ice I saw. Children of the Sun, the Cable (can TR but fragile), Xenith (not close):
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    Priti and I climbed the North Face of Chair Peak on Saturday 12/16. Thanks, John Douglass for the pictures! Approach snow was deep. Recommend skis/snowshoes, but kick-stepping wasn't so bad. The first pitch had nice, consistent, solid, THIN ICE for 60m, maybe WI3. It was so stinking fun if you like thin, unprotectable ice. I got one good stubby in over the whole 60m pitch. We had rock pro and pitons but didn't find them helpful. Pitches 2-4 (to summit) were snow over rock with occasional thin ice for protection. Snow is too shallow and loose for pickets. Only used trees and stubby's for pro. Existing anchors every 60m. Red link cam backed up the anchor on pitch 1. NE Buttress of Chair Peak. Only one party of 2 attempted it and bailed due to loose snow. Pitch 1 on the North Face - 60m thin ice, some thicker ice near the top of the pitch. Upper pitches of North Face of Chair Peak. Snow over rock with thin ice. Deep snow to the False Summit and more snow-over-rock to the summit. Summit selfie Summit East Face of Chair Peak. There is avy debris in this bowl now. When we rappelled onto the slope from the standard descent, we triggered a slab avalanche which went 500 feet down, crown was .5-2ft deep and 15m wide. Be careful of avy danger here as always! I would wear beacon/shovel probe to the base of the climb, and also for the descent from the summit. Lots of rain in the Pass on Sunday, so no promises. Enjoy!
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    Can't say what legal ramifications are. It appears being rescued after a fall and injury is possible http://www.traditionalmountaineering.org/News_Snowmobile_Helens_Accident.htm Of course the rangers didn't have to pull the snowmobile out too. In general day hiking around the crater is allowed, but I believe the crater is off limits.
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    They have to fill out NEPA paperwork, which is a fate worse than death.