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Another shot by @ad_wyatt from our trip up Mt. Stuart yesterday. We only brought 4 cams, and simul-climbed the gendarme, so running it out a bit at first is necessary. Also, just to be clear, we don't feel that we've beaten anyone or anything. Two minutes is such a small margin on a seven-hour time scale that it's almost within the range of potential timing inaccuracies. I consider us to have equalled Guy's time, which already is much better than I expected, and an honor to be playing in the realm of one of my heroes. An important distinction is the fact that Andy and I barely managed 6:45, trying hard on our third lap of the past month. I imagine that Guy was much more casual about it, and for all I know he might not have even ever climbed the route beforehand. @mdre92 will probably smash the record if he decides at some point to make it a goal and takes a rehearsal lap beforehand. It's just fun and games, but also good training and an exciting challenge. @patagonia_climb @lasportivana @petzl_official #ofcourseiclimbinmyunderwearinthesummertime

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