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  2. Hood South Side TRs

    Thanks for putting my bull-kaka in perspective folks (and not ripping me too hard in the process). To be fair, I really enjoy TRs about "easy" routes and people learning. I especially enjoyed MA and Collin's early TRs, but they were also on routes that had (and mostly still have) few TRs. I hope people continue to post TRs on a variety of routes, easy or otherwise. I just hope people get a little more adventurous and go do something other than the second most popular volcano route on the whole planet. Especially given the many great options we have here in the PNW.
  3. Looking for new partners

    Available some weekdays, and weekends. Long time climber, so I know how to belay, place gear (climbed at Index yesterday) rappel, sport climb, alpine, yadda yadda yadda. Looking for safe partners to do multi-pitch, day climbs at Index, Little Si, or whereever. Bob
  4. HI Diepj, I couldn't agree more. I always carry pickets and screws if roped on that route and am prepared to use them in a running belay, especially if anyone is climbing below. I'm well aware that the biggest danger and accidents have happened when one team slides down into another on that route. I've climbed just about every variation of the old chute/ pearly gates over the years. Roped, un-roped, one tool, two tools, big party, small party, organized climbs, solo climbs, winter conditions, spring conditions. I've been up when we were the only party in site and also turned around just because there were way too many people on route to safely navigate. Happy that in this case the snow was perfectly firm, but not icy, we had the chute to ourselves, no one was below us and there was no sign of the bergschrund. Stay safe everyone!
  5. Adams Climbing Permit?

    Permit reservations are up now https://www.recreation.gov/sitepass/74420
  6. Rainier, Baker, etc

    Just heard climbing on upper mountain might be happening soon.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Cleaning out the closet... feel free to throw me an offer.Price includes shipping to CONUS.Stoic Bombshell (noninsulated) jacket - Large, blue. Excellent condition. - $77North face flight series jogging pants - large - $22Forty below K2 superlight overboots - black - fits my size 12 single boots - never used outside the home - $124Head fleece gloves - L - great condition - $11Dakine white mitts - L - Good shape - $22Burton goretex mitts - M - good shape - $32Merrell Trail glove - 11.5 - lots of tread left - $42Rocky gore-tex socks - 12R - never used - $29Mammut hardshell pants/short bibs - 34 - excellent shape - 2L drytech premium material - $68Cilogear 60L worksack - excellent near new condition $180First Ascent Peak XV parka - Red, large, like new - $175Pics:imgur.com/o6NedHlimgur.com/gallery/5TPQw3O
  9. Rainier, Baker, etc

    And the weather looks iffy next week, at least up here. .LONG TERM /SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY/...After a break on Monday, both the GFS and Euro still show a frontal system arriving for a rainy day on Tuesday. Wednesday would probably see postfrontal showers tapering off for a day or two even as an upper trough nears the area for an increase in showers sometime in the latter part of next week. 19
  10. Rainier, Baker, etc

    Due to COVID Mount Rainier is closed above 10k, and you can't drive into the park. No estimate on re-opening. https://www.nps.gov/mora/planyourvisit/conditions.htm JG
  11. Rainier, Baker, etc

    Hello PNW outdoor community, I am planning a trip through the region starting next week around June 8, 2020. im coming up from the south, starting with Shasta, working my way north to Baker, and I'd like to attempt Rainier and a handful of others on the way. If anyone has experience on the DC route, I'm looking to rope up with some folks who would be willing to put up with a pretty fit and determined newbie. I'm 32, with a good amount of backpacking experience. JMT, Adirondack 46er with a dozen or so winter summits. glacier experience limited to guided ascents in the French alps, "Barre Des Ecrins" being the most heavily crevassed and steep terrain I've experienced. Im a slate roofer and carpenter, very comfortable with heights and steep inclines with limited footing, I live in the Adirondacks in upstate NY, good at managing cold. Not hundreds of miles in crampons but enough to own a pair and feel comfortable in most conditions I've researched on the pretty basic routes I'm planning in the cascades. No wilderness first aid, no crevasse rescue, no avalanche training. I've been cross training pretty religiously with this volcano trip in mind throughout covid, my intention being to supplement my lack of experience with peak fitness, my weekly routine for April and May has looked like this, increasing weight and intensity where appropriate over the course of the last 8 weeks: Mondays: 1.5-2 hrs power Yoga + stretching Tuesdays: 1hr interval training legs and cardio, heart rate between 70 to 90% of max for the duration (probably the hardest thing I do all week) Wednesdays: 1 hr upper body strength training, focusing on core and upper body, heart rate 60 to 80% of max Thursdays: mountain biking 1600-2000ft gain, 8-12 miles, 1-2 hrs Fridays: stretching, day of rest Saturdays + Sundays: overnight backpacking, 40lb pack, sleeping around 10,000 feet, 10-15 miles both days, 6000 - 9000 ft gains overall. last weekend: started Saturday around 300ft in Palm Springs, up 9000ft, 10.3 miles, 7 hrs moving 1hr stopped, av speed 1.5 mph, camped around 9300ft. Day two, 7 peaks @ 10,000'+ : Cornell, Miller, Jacinto (max of the day @ 10800ft), Folly, Drury, Jean, Marion and exited at Idyllwild around 5600ft, 14 miles, 6miles bushwhacking or scrambling, 12 miles on trail, 3000ft of gains, 6300ft loss, 3 summits I was able to do packless. weekend before last: started Saturday around 6200ft at Vivian creek, summited 2 peaks: Gorgonio (max of the day @ 11,500') and Jepson, 9 mi total, av speed 1.9 mph, 4h45 min moving 20min stopped, camped above 10,000'. Day two: 7 peaks, little Charlton, Charlton, Shields, Anderson, Alto diablo, San Bernardino East, San Bernardino, 16.5 miles, 2000' up, 7200' down, moving 8hrs stopped 36 min, av speed 2mph. call/text me if you are interested in participating in any of the standard PNW volcano climbs 617 990 6065 Nicolas
  12. Hood South Side TRs

    Perhaps a better solution would be to have single sticky forum thread for the south side TR. In a similar fashion as there is a single sticky thread for Mt. Hood.
  13. Hood South Side TRs

    I wish I climbed something big like south side of hood. really. I do.
  14. Last week
  15. Hood South Side TRs

    Yes, and we should ban TRs from people who carry SLRs into the back country with the express purpose of making my iphone 6S photos look like shite.
  16. Hood South Side TRs

    While we're at it, we should ban TRs from climbs that are too hard for most people. I don't like TRs that make me feel weak!
  17. Hood South Side TRs

    After long deliberation, we have come up with a solution: DON'T CLICK ON THOSE TRs. We want more TRs on this site, not less. Enthusiastic noobs are welcome and I think we shouldn't make them feel unimportant or small. Colin, Marc-Andre, Blake, and many others started out as enthusiastic noobs here. It was awesome to watch them develop into amazing and inspiring climbers. Thanks for the soft ball. You can come out from under your desk now.
  18. Hood South Side TRs

    So this probably makes me sound like an elitist prick, but can we just ban S Side of Hood TRs? I mean, seriously, I think there are enough now. If someone sees conditions that are irregular or parties dumb enough to still be long-lining they could just post a picture on the Climbers board or Ice Conditions thread? I get that people are proud of their first alpine climb, or whatever (and this is where I'm an elitist !#*%) but I think that maybe we could stop over-sharing and just text our close friends and family a summit-selfie. I bet they'd be proud... *cringing in the fetal position under my work desk, awaiting the backlash*
  19. Lost: Ice Tools on Wy'East Face - Mt. Hood, OR

    Check again in July, they might be buried in rime. Also, check to the E side of the route in case they got blown off?
  20. Need help recovering Stolen Gear

    Where was it stolen? What was the scenario? Edit: saw the timeline at the end. How long was your car parked at SBP?
  21. Hello, I have free weekdays to climb until mid of july, looking for partners especially in the olympia area who want to go to north bend or lake cushman in a day or maybe short trips to leavenworth or vantage, I am leading trad up to 5.9 and sport up to 5.10, and I have a single rack with some doubles, send me a message if interested
  22. I hate to pile on but I hope you were placing protection/pickets. If not please educate yourself about the dangers of unroped team climbing on those routes. If not for yourself then for the others you put in harms way.
  23. Need help recovering Stolen Gear

    Hey PNW climbers. It’s a sad day as all of my climbing gear was stolen from my car this weekend. See pics for details. I’d appreciate any and all help I can get to recover my climbing life. PM or text 248 840 7524 ✌️ ❤️
  24. Sauk River Road Access?

    This season I have found some FS road reports to be more inaccurate than usual.
  25. wanted to buy Haul bag

    Any size (preferably med to large) Any condition (almost) Thanks!

    This is a long shot, but my yellow (looks gold) patagonia M10 jacket was blown down into the newton clark glacier as we were crossing low on our way to the Wyeast face. If anyone somehow finds this badboy i would give a solid reward.
  27. Most REAL experiences climbing

    A number of years ago, I hiked up to Camp Shurman with some friends. There were four of us: myself and my friend Fred, who had glacier experience, and a guy from Fred’s work and the guy’s wife or girlfriend (I forget which) who had no experience. We roped up hiking over the Interglacier, despite the dozens of other folks we saw not roped up. Lunch at Camp Shurman, then headed down, and decided not to rope up, because travelling roped with inexperienced people is frustrating, and anyhow, it’s a “dead” glacier, right? We were nearly across the glacier, a hundred feet from rock when, right ahead of me, Fred punched through into a crevasse, his rope securely stowed in his pack. He instinctively caught himself by his elbows, and his feet were dangling, he said later, over what looked like a very deep hole. I was just a few feet behind him; I plopped down on my butt with my feet in front of me to brace myself, and reached my ice axe out to him. He grabbed it and I pulled him out, the other guy (I don’t remember his name) pulling on my back. It wasn’t wasn't until the adrenaline rush subsided that I grasped just how horrible that could have been. We had no rope: it was in his pack. There weren’t very many others around by that time, as I recall there were only a few folks off in the distance. Overall, a cheap lesson not to screw around with glacier safety.
  28. Most REAL experiences climbing

    Jason will remember this..... NE Rib/Buttress of J’berg. We’d just started up the “Becky 4th class” rock section above the steep heather. Our partner opted for the easy chossy variation rather than take the awkward chimney. Well above his last good piece something comes loose and he starts sliding off the mountain, shouting out- STOP ME! Fortunately, a fixed pin he’d clipped held, and it was an easy catch. I’d estimate he fell a good 30’. In the brief time before he determined that he was basically OK, I realized just how serious the situation would be if he had been really hurt. As is, he was able to complete the route and hobble out with a very badly bruised thigh.
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