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  2. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    Well, there's a problem right there. That's about 30 lbs.
  3. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    4 gallons? Thats what I tote for a dayhike.
  4. But that wouldn't that mean I need a FB account? For those that want to know, there was continuous snow from the Trans Canada about a week ago, probably a few bare patches now. I'll post a TR eventually....so much to ski out of Stanley Mitchell!
  5. Hello, I'm coming back to Western Washington next week and I'm planning to ski and climb until fall, with no pesky work commitments to use up the good weather windows! I need more partners for weekday adventures. I've been climbing for 8 years and backcountry skiing for 3 (I am coming back to WA after a half-season in Alta). I have taken the AIARE 1 and companion rescue courses and will be taking a WFR course at the end of the month. I'm happy to tell you more about my mountain experience (and hear about yours). Here are some example objectives I have on my list for the next few months: Fuhrer Finger on Rainier, Whitehorse, White Salmon Glacier on Shuksan, N Ridge of Baker, Watson Traverse, Logan, Daniel, Chimney Rock, Overcoat, Dome, Fernow, Snowfield, Cathedral.....I'm also hoping to spend a few weeks in Squamish later in the summer. I think I am in the middle on the risk-taking spectrum and it's important to me that our fitness levels and senses of humor work together. Let me know if you want to talk more/meet up to see if we can climb/ski together! Alisse 36O-224-778three
  6. Anyone have an extra set of the 4 main poles for the The North Face VE24 tent they would like to sell? Or, any higher quality 157" long aluminum poles that break down into sections approximately 24"- 28"max. Thank you!
  7. Last week
  8. We are all, it seems, just seeds cast into the wind, searching for the right meadow in which to take root, grow, and bloom, before we too are folded back into the earth when our summer finally draws to a close. Life is what we make it, each day precious.
  9. Crap. I hate this part of climbing. They were all inspiring in their own ways. RIP.
  10. Roskelly, Auer, Lama missing after avalanche

    Word from John Roskelly via Tony Yeary is that they are in fact dead. :-(
  11. Fuck man what a shame. Condolences to Jess' parents and Allison.
  12. Roskelly, Auer, Lama missing after avalanche

    http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/apr/18/climbers-jess-roskelley-david-lama-hansjorg-auer-f/ https://gripped.com/special-feature/david-lama-and-partners-missing-in-rockies-avalanche/
  13. https://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/alpinism/david-lama-hansjorg-auer-missing-in-canada.html
  14. for sale All sorts of crampons

    All these are spoken for assuming Nate G takes the sabertooths...I'll update the post shortly.
  15. for sale All sorts of crampons

    Im late to the party but I would but the stubai!
  16. I remember that it was a long walk but at least my feet hurt.
  17. for sale All sorts of crampons

    Interested in the irvis front sections and the BD sabertooths if they are still available.
  18. They've extended the comment period to May 13th 2019. There is still a lot of time! I am already a party of record and will try and update this thread as I know more. The Skagit Tribes and Seattle City Light are on the record already opposing the current application and calling for an EIS. Not sure about the NPS. There is a mining resource area in the Skagit County comp. plan for this location (outright denial isn't on great legal ground) so I think comments are best expressed in the vein of trying adequately understand the likely effects (noise, traffic, etc.) of expanded quarry operations. I think most feel that the current SEPA application doesn't do a good job of this. Most have been stressing that an EIS is warranted to fully flesh out the possible effects and what effective mitigation measures might be. At some point Kiewit will be seeking a comp. plan amendment to expand the mining resource area. That will be another opportunity to make your voice heard.
  19. Based on previous experiences it's probably in our best interest if someone from the climbing community enters a comment and gets listed as "Party of Record". From other government dealings I've learned that often once the public comment period is closed the government agencies will only talk to people that are acknowledged as a "party of record" and it's too late for anyone else to file comments even if the plan has changed considerably from the initial proposal. I don't have time to follow up.
  20. Mt Hood

    Here’s a pic from a sun break on the Palmer webcam today. After the long storm it looks well covered up there. Probably no open bergshrund concerns. With the sun breaks and some more freeze thaw, hopefully the snow will be well consolidated. Sunday’s weather forecast and the lower freezing level look lovely for climbing. A second tool is recommended for beginners, or for the surprise icy section. Have fun!
  21. [TR] Mt Stuart - Stuart Glacier Couloir 04/05/2019

    You bring the cabbage and I'll supply the hammers next time you're over.
  22. Thanks for posting this!
  23. Mt Hood

    Trying to take advantage of what looks like a solid weather window saturday and sunday. Any advice for a first timer on the Hogsback and conditions to expect? Thanks all!
  24. Hello Everyone! I am new to rock climbing, and new to this forum. My friend and I were hoping that there was possibly a group of experienced climbers heading up to City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho this Summer who might be willing to show us the ropes. We may or may not have gear depending on supply at out school's renter location, and I would be willing to pack gear in my rig for everyone. I wasn't really sure where else to post this so any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Alpine Dads wanted

    I could have written this post. I *should* have written this post years ago. I'm 45 too, and I have a little more time than I used to, as my kids are older, but yeah, I really appreciate climbing with other parents (no offense to my other non-parent partners that read this - I swear I love y'all!). Hit me up if you're looking for a partner sometime. cheers.
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