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  2. Marmot Kompressor Star 28L for sale. Used for about 5 days, in almost new conditions!$65, pickup in downtown Seattle
  3. Mammut Trion Light 38L Backpack for sale. Good condition!$100, pickup in downtown Seattle
  4. Mammut Trion Pro 50+7L Pack for sale. Great condition, light use, brought out for around ~14 days.$100, pickup in downtown Seattle
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  6. I have 2x Mountain Hardwear South Col OutDry 70L (size S/M) for sale. They are both used only once. $190 each, pickup in downtown Seattle
  7. Climbing Partners

    Looking for climbing partners to get out after work during the week to Leavenworth, tieton, vantage or the exits. Happy to do either trad or sport. Lead 8s/9s trad and 10s sport.
  8. So, Ive been a backpacker the majority of my life with some climbing many years ago. In the process of upgrading my kit and am on the hunt for a new pack. I have been an Osprey die hard for years. Their pack geometry fits me. I also own many packs but I see the sense in a streamlined pack for above treeline endeavors. I actually tested a few pre production models for them before they hit the shelves over the years I like that you can really strip the Aether pro(top lid/flap, removable side pockets....) But the HMG is stripped from the gate and everything I have seen on the HMG is solid. Plus its waterproof so... My thought is the Aether Pro may be a bit more usable being I can also use it for backpacking being it has "some" features and not just an alpine pack. I have held the Pro, tried it on, blah blah blah. Nowhere near me to see the HMG pack. I also know that the back panel on the HMG isnt very breathable from all accounts which makes sense looking at the design Any thoughts here from real world use between the 2?
  9. I’ll be in the area 17-21 July and am also looking for Rainier partners. Experience with cascades and Colorado. Avi and Alpine training.
  10. Worn for a total of about 5 hours, found that they didn’t work very well with a bone spur that I have. In like new condition. $300 PM or text me with questions or interest (cell is 2 oh 6, 409-nine two oh three). Willing to meet up in the greater Seattle area, otherwise buyer pays shipping within the CONUS. Thanks!
  11. We were able to retrieve the gear of Jesse Cherian and David Anderson from Sherpa. If you know them have them PM me, if they want it back.
  12. Nope I've been using it and loving it for a few months now. Thanks Phil!
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  14. Climbing partners

    I'm from Minnesota flying in Wed and heading to Rainier on Thursday. Lived in the PNW for 10 years and have previous experience climbing Baker and Glacier Peak. Looking for a hook up. Flexible DC or Emmons. July 18th-July21
  15. Also would be willing to do the Emmons glacier route (2 nights). Text me or call 612 385 six six nine eight. I'm 49 and am in great physical condition. Mt. Rainier is no. 1 on my bucket list.
  16. I'm flying into Seattle on Wed the 17th and heading to Rainier on Thursday. I lived in the Pacific NW for 10 years and have previous experience climbing some of the bigger peaks in the Cascades. I am planning to trek to Camp Muir but ideally would like to do the summit with someone.
  17. I'm flying in from Minnesota and heading to Rainier Thursday July 18th. Looking for a partner. I'm flexible to do DC route on Rainier or Emmons. Have previous glacier travel experience and am fit but will need to review crevasse safety (I use prusik self rescue).
  18. Only price drop, $200. Otherwise I'll keep it as a winter lounge/kitchen.
  19. Trip: Mount Thomson - West Ridge Trip Date: 07/13/2019 Trip Report: We left the car from the PCT trailhead at 4:40am. We decided to take the old commonwealth trail to save a mile, which soon had us hiking up the trail to red mountain. After backtracking and getting lost again, we bushwacked up to the PCT. Smooth sailing from there to bumblebee basin. The basin is completely snow free. There is still a bunch of running water in the basin. We climbed talus to the notch at the start of the west ridge, and spent about an hour looking for the base of the climb. We ended up traversing left into some trees at the notch, then went up, then right and up, then left around a ledge. It was weird and I'm sure there's a better way to get there. Set off climbing at 9:40am. The climbing was mostly easy with 5.6 moves, some loose rock, and decent gear. I found the slab to be well protected if one wanted. We climbed the ridge in six pitches with two small scrambling bits, and topped out at the summit at 1:40pm. Visibility was garbage the entire time, and with only brief glimpses of the surrounding environment. We ate lunch, then let a guy who had climbed the east ridge use our rope with a sling harness to descend the 4th class moves at the top of the east ridge. We did two rappels down, down climbed a bit, and did a third rappel. Stupidly lost time here since we took off all our gear after the second rappel, and then decided the third rappel would be safer rather than down climbing. Apparently according to scrambler guy, taking the trail to the skiers left after the first rappel results in easier down climbing. Slowly descended loose trail and scree to the basin. Got back to ridge lake at 4:40pm, filled some water, and got back to the car at 6:30pm with some on/off jogging and taking the old commonwealth trail without getting lost this time. Total time round trip was 13hr 50 minutes. Definitely a long day, but I wouldn't think it's worth camping at the basin just to do this climb unless you're really stoked to camp. There were no other parties on the west ridge, and only one other person on the east ridge. Very enjoyable climb. Basin looking at Thomson: On the slab: Rappelling the 4th class move: Gear Notes: Cams up to #2, nuts, 60m rope Approach Notes: Shortcut works if you don't get lost
  20. Ride of the Valkyries @ Purina

    My lament in the last decade or so. I guess every generation in WA says the same though. I know the crowding since Treaty times has been a one way ratchet, with no relief in sight.
  21. Ride of the Valkyries @ Purina

    I still have a chalk bag I bought from Dick about that same time at the Snow Creek TH . He had a mannequin riding shotgun in his van and told stories of being hassled by The Man about vagabonding and being, well, eccentric. I learned later of his substantial contributions to Leavenworth climbing.
  22. Climbing partners

    Hey David, Definitely interested in Eldo, Shuksan, and Rainier. I live in portland though, and I'm mostly limited to weekend trips. Proficient on steep snow/ice as well as glacier travel. I haven't gotten on a rock route in a year, but I'd love to start hitting some sport/trad routes again. I think I'm busy next weekend, but free the following weekend of the 26th. Shoot me a message and let me know when you're free and what you're thinking. Nick
  23. Dear All, How partnering for Mt Rainier during July 18/9 - July 23 ? Hood, Adams, Jefferson, Olympus, Baker .... - or any more interesting peak between near Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. I'm from Europe, nowadays based in Oxford UK, visiting OHSU in Portland for business on July 17/18. Unfortunately I don't know any mountaineers in Pacific North West, so keen to team up ! I am comfortable to lead such climbs technically, with a reliable partner, but unfortunately won't have much time to do research for routes/maps. I'm experienced in both alpine and ski mountaineering, having done 40+ high altitude peaks of comparable/higher technical difficulty than Rainier between 14,000 and 24,000 feet, and practice crevasse and avalanche rescue almost every year. Member of Academic Alpine Club Zurich (AACZ). Good endurance - I have done up to 20 hour mountain routes and up to 16,000 uphill feet in one long day. Not as fit at the moment, but 7,000 feet uphill/day is still fine. Thanks, Vaclav
  24. GoPro footage from deceased Nanda Devi climbers

    This adds nothing to what we already knew. It's pointless sensationalism, basically click and bait, because death sells. It's like releasing dashcam footage from an accident. Analyzing an accident is a good tool for others to learn, this serves absolutely no purpose.
  25. Looking for a partner for Rainier Single Day

    Dear All, how teaming up about Mt Rainier or other peak during July 18 - July 23 ? I'm very experienced in alpine mountaineering, with 40+ peaks of same/higher difficulty than Rainier between 14,000 and 24,000 feet, and practice rescue almost every year. The one -day challenge is not a requirement, but have endurance to do that - have done up to 20 hour mountain trip and up to 16,000 uphill feet in one long day. Nowadays based in Oxford UK, visiting OHSU in Portland for work - unfortunately I don't know any mountaineers in Pacific North West, so keen to team up ! Thanks, Vaclav
  26. Dear All, We are visiting OHSU in Portland for work, on July 18. Would love to stay to do some mountaineering between Portland and Vancouver till July 23. I'm an experienced mountaineer, but have never been to Pacific North West. Looking for a reliable partner - Mount Rainier would be an obvious target, but happy to join any other trip - Hood, Olympus, Adams, Jefferson, Baker... between Portland and Vancouver. . See below some basic info about me. Just PM me if you are in the area on those days, and open to potentially team up ! Thanks Vaclav About me: - Entrepreneur/CEO of a medtech company based in Oxford UK,. - Member Academic Alpine Club Zurich (AACZ), Oxford University Mountaineering Club, Austrian Alpine Club. - Have climbed 40+ peaks of comparable or higher difficulty to Rainier at 4000m-7000m elevation.Experience gained mostly in the Alps, Andes, Caucasus, Pamir, Altay. - Physically demanding but not very technical climb on French PD or AD would be ideal for this trip. I have done routes up to French D, but would not be as ambitious with unknown people - Highly safety conscious. Every couple of years i repeat glacier rescue training, and have real-world experience in rescue situations involving other climbers/skiers. - At the moment, i do not plan to bring skis given reported poor snow conditions, but could.
  27. Pink Snow

    Sounds interesting. Who is this professor? Do you have any links to some of the background studies? When do they bloom?
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