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  2. Ice axe and ice tool set for sale. Pickup in Portland preferred, otherwise can ship for cost. 1) Black Diamond Raven Pro - 52cm. Excellent used condition. $50 2) Petzl Aztarex - hammer and adze pair with BD leashes and shafts wrapped with grip tape. Petzl Blue Ice picks are sharp. Great tools and lots of life left. I picked them up used years ago but need something with a real spike. Trade for pair of Petzl Sum'tecs, otherwise $250 for the set.
  3. Selling together for $48.00 shipped. PPFF or Venmo. Well used BD or Chouinard hexes. Initials inscribed on 4 pieces: - (2) #9 - (2) #8 - (1) #7 - (1) #4 - (1) #2 - (1) #1 Dug up Good shape #10 Wild Country Stopper All cables are in good shape without broken strands.
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  5. Spring Mtn

    Anyone partake of the glorious Spring Mtn this summer? Curious if anyone's working new routes or scrubbing old. I worked my azz off this summer and didn't get to play much. Living Vicariously, M. Hanna
  6. Beacon

    After all your solo trips up the SE corner route try too make it more interesting reading . Try wearing a blind fold !!!!
  7. for sale Grivel tech machine carbon

    Damn, if I did not already own a pair of the aluminum version I would be all over these. Great tools and the hammer option is really nice.
  8. Colfax ice

    Thanks! I was thinking with the cold rains followed by warm days and cold nights that NF Colfax and NF Hood should be shaping up nicely.
  9. I have a set of grivel tech machine carbons with hammers I'd like to pass on. They are from last season and have only a few days of use. One day in silverton, a day in ouray, two days in hyalite. I ended up with a set of eliteclimb tools and dont need these as extras. Minor scratches from use. Never used drytooling. $400 for the set. 54I-48O-O5IO ~Dave
  10. Belay Device Survey for Highschool Engineering Class

    Link doesn’t work.
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  12. Colfax ice

    I saw some pics from a few days ago, and from a distance a couple of lines look to be forming well. This is perfect time of the year to do them, as they usually get buried by mid winter snow.
  13. Beacon

    10/10 - day 45, lap 110 - the poo-dragon strikes back - i dearly detest a fecaphile, so say wave off if you're of the same sentiment and read no further - no time to spare, scooped up the boy-child at school and shot out west to lake vancouver n' then turned my head t'other direction, pounding down amber ale n' changing into my war-gear as the wind beat ever greater upon the windshield - not a second to spare w/o leaving my progeny in limbo, i hit the lot with clear purpose upon my mind, dressed and ready to set out - still, something weren't right on my southern-end, and with the bitter-memory of getting way-laid by the poop-demon on the trail down in the past, i sprinted privy-wise to dispense meself of that ignominious necessity - i'll spare ye the details, but 10 minutes later i was mostly naked and afraid and goddamned if i weren't gonna make the lap happen despite the worst a shit-devil might distress me with - in turgid winds and already desperately late, i surged skywards alone and don't remember a damn bit other than off-colored blood splotches all over the place come the top of pitch 2 - mostly went well from there on out, w/ a solid birthday snitzel to settle my belly on the other side
  14. Beacon

    Beowulf said, "Let whoever can win glory before death."
  15. Beacon

    does this mean i can quit now?!?
  16. New Webcam at Plummer Hut

    Website address for cam is still in process, not set up yet as per the owner. As you can see from the image it's a joint Vancouver Island University/UNBC/Hakai Institute project.
  17. [TR] Columbia Peak - West Spur 10/06/2019

    Yeah, actually that was the initial inspiration for this peak. One day I'll have done all the Smoot guide but probably only because I'll have done most all the peaks around; it might be a while yet. He is a good source for peaks that don't necessarily catch your attention, that are best done shoulder season.
  18. Beacon

    Wow! A brilliant and erudite analysis Rad. I was checking in to see where the man was yesterday, Ujahn, Ryan and I had it to ourselves all day.
  19. Beacon

    I feel like we are watching Groundhog Day for Beowulf, who sets out each day to slay the dragon, returns in drunken triumph each night, and in a curious and cruel twist, each morning wakes to learn that the dreaded dragon yet lives, and the epic battle must be fought all over again. The cycle must repeat until our hero finally learns that the dragon is not his true nemesis, the battle is not the real battle, and victory, it seems, is simply the act of getting out of bed each day, drawing in a lungful of clean air, and yet feeling the beating of his heart, a metronome in flesh and bone, counting the seconds to his eventual death.
  20. Beacon

    10/9 - day 44, lap 108-9 - fall moves further and subdues the fervor of the season that preceded it - wicked work until the sun was perilously low in the western sky but undeterred shot east-wards w/o question once the querulousness of tomorrow was at least clearly defined - dave post dump n' prior to my own, once in sequence we shuffled down the still sodden trail and achieved the base in the brisk yet damp air - a first lamp by the long way we felt another in order, and soon enough it was 2, a couple copper-ales to cement it all - groceries on the gambol home n' soon enough it'll be tomorrow and the three day what-have-you
  21. There's a new webcam and weather station at Plummer Hut giving a direct feed of Wadd. Don't have the website address yet though
  22. Solo Climbing Safety Survey - We still need help!

    Solo climbing isn't a problem. There, fixed for you.
  23. We are a group of high school students trying to solve the problem of unsafe solo climbing. We can better measure the community's experience with solo climbing if you respond to this survey here: https://forms.gle/Q8n1WvuCCRy9rj439 If you've already responded to this survey, please share it with a rock climbing partner so we can get more responses!
  24. Thanks for TR! Yours are always a good and interesting read.
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