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  2. Washington Pass Conditions

    Thanks guys!
  3. Climbing Partners

    Hey! I have partners this Wed and weekend but am looking for a multi pitch partner next week if the weather's nice.
  4. Washington Pass Conditions

    blue lake TH has that pond that harbors breeding of bugs but after a couple minutes walking, you are beyond those little bastards reach. We did not see any bugs up at the rocks but I have been assaulted badly before up high. It is rare but there is some kind of special combination that lets them live up high but not right now. no snow on approach o any of the bells or spires. there is a couple snow patches that some desperate TAY gals were making turns on this last weekend. (like they make 5 turns in one patch) that is dedication.
  5. Bob $100 Deuter $100 Crib $40 in Seattle/Tacoma area
  6. Washington Pass Conditions

    Just came back from there. Tons of bugs in the parking lots and on the approach. None once at the rocks. (Did both Kangaroo Temple and Liberty Bell,) No snow at all on any approach. Snow level is pretty sad.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Any snow on the approach to the Liberty Bell Group (e.g. SEWS South Face, Becky Route...)? How about the trek out to Kangaroo Temple? How about bugs? Just looking for a little beta. TIA
  9. Climbing partners

    I'm interested in Eldo and Glacier Peak (either or both). I'm also in Seattle -- generally limited to weekend trips but can sometimes take a Friday with advance planning.
  10. Pink Snow

    Saw a bunch out already a month ago on July Mtn near the Coquihalla
  11. Climbing Partners

    I’m available Wednesday (after 6pm) and all day Thursday and Friday.
  12. review Sleeping bag for the cascades

    Surprised Valandre bags dont get a nod.
  13. Where oh where did all my sprayers go?

    omg, you fuckers are still here!!!
  14. Single Malt Scotch

    Back to the Important things About to kill off a bottle of Talisker Dark Storm
  15. Climbing Partners

    Cant get out during the week, but am looking to get out to Exit 32, 38 or Index this weekend, weather permitting. 8s to 10s is perfect, as is a mix of sport and trad. If weekend works let me know. Cheers Josh
  16. Marmot Kompressor Star 28L for sale. Used for about 5 days, in almost new conditions!$65, pickup in downtown Seattle
  17. Mammut Trion Light 38L Backpack for sale. Good condition!$100, pickup in downtown Seattle
  18. Mammut Trion Pro 50+7L Pack for sale. Great condition, light use, brought out for around ~14 days.$100, pickup in downtown Seattle
  19. Last week
  20. I have 2x Mountain Hardwear South Col OutDry 70L (size S/M) for sale. They are both used only once. $190 each, pickup in downtown Seattle
  21. Climbing Partners

    Looking for climbing partners to get out after work during the week to Leavenworth, tieton, vantage or the exits. Happy to do either trad or sport. Lead 8s/9s trad and 10s sport.
  22. So, Ive been a backpacker the majority of my life with some climbing many years ago. In the process of upgrading my kit and am on the hunt for a new pack. I have been an Osprey die hard for years. Their pack geometry fits me. I also own many packs but I see the sense in a streamlined pack for above treeline endeavors. I actually tested a few pre production models for them before they hit the shelves over the years I like that you can really strip the Aether pro(top lid/flap, removable side pockets....) But the HMG is stripped from the gate and everything I have seen on the HMG is solid. Plus its waterproof so... My thought is the Aether Pro may be a bit more usable being I can also use it for backpacking being it has "some" features and not just an alpine pack. I have held the Pro, tried it on, blah blah blah. Nowhere near me to see the HMG pack. I also know that the back panel on the HMG isnt very breathable from all accounts which makes sense looking at the design Any thoughts here from real world use between the 2?
  23. I’ll be in the area 17-21 July and am also looking for Rainier partners. Experience with cascades and Colorado. Avi and Alpine training.
  24. Worn for a total of about 5 hours, found that they didn’t work very well with a bone spur that I have. In like new condition. $300 PM or text me with questions or interest (cell is 2 oh 6, 409-nine two oh three). Willing to meet up in the greater Seattle area, otherwise buyer pays shipping within the CONUS. Thanks!
  25. We were able to retrieve the gear of Jesse Cherian and David Anderson from Sherpa. If you know them have them PM me, if they want it back.
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