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  2. Warm Temps on Shuksan?

    bridges should be thick enough that the shallow portions that are warmed will not affect the strength of bridge. now bridges you can see, those would be sketch in the heat. as far as wet sloppy avi slides, I would think that hells highway is the only portion that would be of concern. maybe winnies slide. if you go early enough, then it should not be a problem. like before 2pm 70F is pretty warm for summit temp but a 60F is not unheard of. Wonder if that forecast is for while we are in this heat wave and could return to norm in a week.
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  4. Floor Coatings Market

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  5. Warm Temps on Shuksan?

    I'm looking at a climb of Shuksan (Fisher Chimneys) in a couple of weeks. Decided to check on the weather to get a feel for what conditions might be like. The Mountain Weather page puts the overnight low on Shuksan's summit at 48 degrees tonight, with an overnight low on Friday of 70 degrees. https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Shuksan/forecasts/2782 Is this for real? Are these temperatures freakishly high or do I just have unrealistic ideas about normal summer temps in the Cascades? (I've only done a few climbs in the Cascades, so I don't have a large experience pool to compare with.) If it's really this hot, what's the heat going to do to climbing conditions? (I always get nervous about crossing snow covered glaciers in warm temps.)
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  8. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    When i was about 9 my dad did deception and had little me sitting at the col waiting haha, loved our camp at the lake. Heres some pics. Me glissading down, me and my brother headed up towards the col and then us at the col. I was 9 he was 11
  9. Harlequin Romances

    His Christmas Wish (Mountain Rescue Romance Book 1) - Kindle edition by McClone, Melissa. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
  10. i climbed it in the early 2000's. two points supporting removal of the added protection bolt are: 1. the bolt does change "the character of the route"; and 2. previous retro efforts did not feel the need for an added bolt. at this point i don't really care whether you remove the added bolt but bear in mind that just because you think you're doing a public service doesn't always mean it's so. rock on...
  11. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    I don''t do well in heat either. Its surfing weather
  12. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    I don't do well in high temps. I may be sitting out this weekend myself. Good luck in whatever you do (if you go)
  13. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    Be safe out there. With these temps we scrapped our Sinister climb for this weekend. Not sure what to do, but we're going to sit out anything big or that has stream fording.
  14. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    One thing to maybe note is on our way in the 1st crossing 1.5 miles in from the trailhead was fine. But by 5pm on our way out it was raging and not crossable. We went about 500ft downstream to where there are a handful of fallen logs that are over half the stream where its split into 2 steams. We dropped some branches between 2 rocks that otherwise would have been a jump across, then au chevalled another log. If the water was raging on the way in the au cheval would work fine but if those branches we dropped are swept away that could be a bitch to figure out how to get across.
  15. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    thanks! Yeah, I hear you on stream crossings - they'll be really raging this coming weekend
  16. [TR] Anderson - Eel Glacier 05/30/2021

    do you happen to have a picture you can share of the slope up to Flypaper Pass now (with the rock bands)? You've piqued my curiosity on how much has melted out.
  17. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    I'd say snow started consistent a bit higher like 4200ish in the trees. No postholing and we didn't punch through any bridges. Once you get out of the trees in the upper slopes the snow is probably 3-4 feet deep still. Biggest issue are how high the streams are running. The normal crossings are covered and even the one 500ft upstream on Terror Creek the normal log was a waterfall. Still found 2 smaller logs to zig zag across.
  18. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    Cool trip and beta! Where did the snow level start in earnest up there? The last update I saw on the NP website says "4000'" (from a week ago). Of course we have a heat wave this week, which could melt a lot of snow, but still would love to hear where you encountered consistent snow pack.
  19. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    Yeah, it's an awesome place. I will go back for sure.
  20. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    We did that Eiley Wiley Ridge in and out last year to Challenger. As much as I'd like to pull out the good camera gear and do the fantastic milky way shots I'm seeing more and more. After an approach like that I just want to sleep.
  21. Harlequin Romances

    Well its a bit of work to get it on, but yes, they look pretty fetching in one.
  22. Harlequin Romances

    Do goats wear bodices? Who knew?
  23. [TR] North Early Winters Spire - Labor Pains (Retro Bolt) 06/21/2021

    I'm aware Steve passed away. I was also aware that it had some bolts replaced already. Regardless of the previous rebolt, consensus was still that the route was in unnecessarily dangerous condition. Both parties I know who have climbed it, Wayne Wallace and John Plotz both agreed that some pins should be replaced with bolts, and the anchor updated. It seems that I may have been off base adding the bolt above the P3 anchor. However I stand by my decision, and believe that it retains the character of the route. If I hear from enough people who have climbed the route that the bolt is not acceptable. I am happy to spin it out and mask the hole.
  24. Harlequin Romances

    Rad it was all about that hunk Jake Porter. His rough, strong hands ripping bodices.
  25. [TR] Mount Deception - Standard 06/20/2021

    great memory for me, camping on that boulder on the tarn august 2004
  26. Harlequin Romances

    Blake sashaying across the snow with a murse? Layton jubilantly dancing across the meadows, arms raised in a V? Maybe these two star crossed lovers finally united. Do tell.
  27. [TR] Mount Terror - West Ridge 06/20/2021

    I exited the day before you went in, big beaver up to Wiley ridge/Luna area and 100% concur it was basically a breadcrumb trail of bear poop. Had a surprise run in with one of them because I was not making enough noise but fortunately it ran away when I surprised it rather than at me lol. Streams were extremely huge ha. definitely pretty snowy up high and not a lot of easy water
  28. Aid Climbing Practice Circuit

    Funny you mention it, I've been wanting to get on that baby for a while now.
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