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  2. Madrone Wall (OR) Peregrine Falcon Update

    June 22nd Update: We have two juveniles for sure! I am guessing based on their lack of white feathers as well as their movement abilities around and away from the scrape that they are at about 5 weeks old - 35 days. One was more adventurous and was about 5 feet off the eyrie/scrape/nest to the left. (Maybe above the route Paleontologist?) Another was atop the block on the right side. See photo below. It's impossible to see the birds in the picture, but you can see their location. Mama bird was screaming at me while perched in the Doug Fir tree. I anticipate fledging in the next week by both if they follow the typical development of 42-45 days old before fledging. Keith was also able to see two juveniles with an adult feeding atop the block earlier this week. Remember that their actual nest/scrape location where they hatched is behind the block. Once again, the County has told us that they will not open the park before July 15. We actually don't have a firm opening date yet. They do have plans to do some improvements before opening, including an electronic fee cache. They will definitely allow the two weeks disbursement period so that the juveniles can develop their wings, and they will only do their improvements after the disbursement period is complete. I wish we could get them to commit to a "2 weeks after fledging opening," but we can't just yet. They're going to open it when they're ready. Thank you! Kellie
  3. [TR] Cruiser - S Corner 06/16/2018

    Old men crush! Nice work and thanks for sharing!
  4. for sale FS: Cams!!!

    Sorry, I'm lazy. Detailed description and pics can be seen here https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/114510272/fs-cams
  5. Adams North side conditions?

    The link states: From the north, on 5/22 the 2329 was mostly snow free until a little past Keene's horse camp. It should be open to Killen now.
  6. Camp Creek; Southern Utah

    IT IS. Remote feel. About 5 miles in. Lotz of kittie kittie's in there. More to come.
  7. I'd agree with the above, adding that in 1982 I used an ultralight backpacking tent on Denali -- more critical is how/where you pitch your tent. Whether you go with an ultralight or expedition weight tent, I'd carry shovel and snow-saw (I carry a big folding pruning saw - cheaper and more readily available than an "official snow saw"), and be prepared to construct substantial windbreaks, or even pack up the tent and get under the snow. A consideration that hasn't been mentioned is the typically larger amount of room in a "four-season" or "expedition" tent, but if room is not a factor, and you're comfortable in your hubba-hubba, and are ok with building snow-walls, you should be fine.
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  9. I have a new BlackDiamond Eldorado tent. This hs never beenslept in. Only set up in the basement and front yard. $350 $.4.5 - 5 lbs. Bomber singlewall tent.
  10. [TR] Cruiser - S Corner 06/16/2018

    Yes! Such a great climb, glad you made it happen on the second try. I still think that is one of the more intimidating summits out there, given the grade. THAT'S low fifth??!! I had to laugh that you did it C2C. My wife and I took three days!
  11. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Sunset is a +/- 45 degree slope for a long ways. Not something I want to descend unless I needed to do. If I have already carry my crap to the top (which I have done seven times) I am going down either the Emmons or DC/Ingarham much easier. The other option is the Tahoma ... but it can be complicated. Though coming down you will be able to see more.
  12. Chris: Thanks for the great trip! And the belay up to the summit! And the IPA!!
  13. [TR] Cruiser - S Corner 06/16/2018

    Trip: Cruiser - S Corner Trip Date: 06/16/2018 Trip Report: Nearly nine years ago, in early August, I attempted this route and turned around on the summit of Beta. I've been overdue for a rematch. Just to make things interesting (well, I needed to be in town for Father's Day), I decided to do the climb C2C. We car camped near some side trailhead a mile or two shy of Staircase, and headed up at 5 am on Saturday. 20 hours later we were back at the car, happy, successful, and rehydrating with the beverage that proves God exists and loves us. Now for some pics to fill in details. See attachments. Continuous, firm snow from near Gladys Pass to Needle Pass View up from Needle Pass. The lower parts are unsavory, loose, exposed class 3. It gets better higher up. Better scrambling. This is more fun! Looking down the gully from the summit of Beta: Cruiser! Some minor shenanigans negotiating the moat. We solo'd the gully up to just below the chockstone, stashed our packs and did a short (silly) lead through the cannonhole. Ledge above the chockstone Summit block (taken on descent). There is one shiny bolt and an anchor with two more. I placed a few cams and a nut. Exposure on the summit is non-trivial: Summit P0rn: Gear Notes: Ice axe, crampons, helmet, small alpine rack Approach Notes: no snow until ha lfway from Flapjack lakes to Gladys Pass, then mostly snow until Needle Pass. From there, a moat or two to contend with but otherwise dry
  14. Adams North side conditions?

    I don't know if a TAY report from a month ago about the South Side is particularly helpful for North Side conditions... also interested in what the Adams Glacier looks like
  15. That truck is perfect except for the missing half of the gun rack.
  16. What hapened with the site?

    @OlympicMtnBoy I'm actually glad to hear people liked and used that functionality. I never actually setup any tracking to see if it was being used. I will be bringing that functionality back so hang in there.
  17. That video is great!!! Thanks a bunch....I may never get up there, but I can see why the AK range is addictive. So beautiful.
  18. [TR] Mt Hood - Old Chute 06/16/2018

    twas a lovely bit of angry clouds atop the mountain that morning - looked quite compelling from the gorge
  19. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    Thanks for the photo. We have two cars available for a shuttle, in case we decide to descend via Camp Muir. If we decide to descend on the west side instead, would the Sunset Ridge route be a better choice than the Edmunds Headwall?
  20. Edmunds Headwall route on Rainier

    If coming from Mowich Lake you are going come via Spray Park to cross the North Mowich and then Edmunds Glaciers. I have crossed the North Mowich a couple of times late May and mid June but that was a decade plus years ago. It was not bad then. We crossed the Tahoma and South Mowich over Memorial Day this year. Again not bad. But this year there did not seem to that much snow - parts of Sunset Ridge were already rock and a huge bergshrund at the base. As for the route, carry over as there is no feasible option unless you leave a camp really really low. And then it is still a PITA. The Mowich approach is probably the least desirable approach because of the car shuttle. I would check with rangers to see if they have done any recent flights with pics. They usually post them to the blog. Here is photo from 10 days ago, to be honest it does not look bad. The shrund at the base might be the biggest issue.
  21. This report and video really played at my emotions. I thought I was done after last year but now I kind of want to go back. Aaaah!!! Wanna go do it again?
  22. What hapened with the site?

    OK, sounds like we need to add it to the list @jon, @olyclimber. Thanks @OlympicMtnBoy and @Josh Lewis
  23. What hapened with the site?

    Yeah, I did that on the old site I think. It's kind of cool to look up what routes were climbed in "August" over the longer history. It helps get around the rush when a single TR is posted somewhere saying something is in good shape. At least if you see a bunch of TRs for a route in a particular month for a few different years, you might guess at your chances. I haven't tried to find a way to do this on the new site yet. :-)
  24. North Cascade partner July 1-7

    I'm coming from Philly for a week June 30-July 7th. Planning on heading from the airport to the North Cascades. I don't rock climb but am keen on hitting somewhere solid for night photography. I have been to Terror Basin and West Mcmillan before in April two years ago to snowboard and am considering hitting there first. Also given it isn't too late in the season I was thinking maybe a section of the Ptarmigan depending on weather. I have glacier gear but wouldn't be all that comfortable on anything too sketchy. Can't decide whether it is worth it to bring the splitboard or not either.
  25. for sale All sold

    Cruxes/Cruces SOLD! Technos still up for grabs!
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