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  2. Can you identify this mountain?

    I was thinking more Selkirks or one of BC interior ranges west of the Rockies, FWIW. That avy path/valley bottom in the lower right doesn't quite look like the cascades?
  3. Can you identify this mountain?

    My gut reaction is that photo was taken in the Rockies.
  4. Can you identify this mountain?

    I wish I could, but I truly don’t know what mountain it is. I saw the picture and immediately thought that it looked quite interesting to climb, so I was hoping somebody in the forum might have either recognized it from being on it in-person, or from a photograph. It looks like it could be a Cascade mountain, but I have no idea.
  5. Can you identify this mountain?

    Can we get a hint? I mean do you know if it is in the Cascades even?
  6. I came across this picture in a Gaia GPS newsletter, and was wondering what mountain it shows. Can anyone identify it?
  7. split board is 170 cm, Gear is all in very good condition All for $ 295. Trying to clear out my kids gear. Scott. 360 556 5922. Text. In Olympia IMG_0306.MOV
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  9. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    @olyclimber and @JasonG thanks for the help! Pictures are now posted.
  10. for sale Scarpa Omega Mountaineering Boots

    Hello, are these US 11.5 or EU 11.5 (around US 12.5)? thank you. Maybe post a picture of the label.
  11. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Yeah massive bummer about the W/NWD not being used anymore. It's honestly the best iteration of a full dyneema fabric I've seen or used. That Spectra black quad seems similar to the dyneema grid ripstop used everywhere, but with more strands of dyneema and better abrasion resistance.
  12. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Thanks @olyclimber!
  13. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Problem is that these are .HIEC files and the board version we are on doesn't support them (not sure if newer version do or not). But if you convert them to .jpg files it will work! I downloaded one of your images and converted it to jpg. Then you just attached them like you did the .HEIC files, and click on the image in the box below and it will show up. I did check to see if I could get the board to render .HEIC files, but doesn't look like this version supports it.
  14. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Yes I had a W/NWD worksack that I sold a few years back that I regret selling - from their social media feeds it looks like they are done making the W/NWD. I saw a post from them where they were talking about 'Spectra Black Quad i believe it was called - some kind of new fabric which I havent heard of from any other companies. I have had my own share of frustration with their customer service as well but you're right in that they make a great product
  15. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Yeah seems like there on some sort of hiatus or something. They posted October hinting on working on something new. I hope they change there production and the customer service side of the company. Lead times for packs and communication with them leaves much to be desired. Awesome packs though, have three of various sizes and ages.
  16. Great shot of that Golden Eagle! Hopefully their numbers will increase.
  17. for sale REI Geo 6 Tent

    REI Geo 6 tent in excellent condition available for sale. Geodesic style with rain fly. Used with my kids for car camping experiences. Used less than 15 nights. Tent is in excellent condition and in it’s original travel bag. $120 and I pay for shipping to you.
  18. These boots were used for a Mt. Rainer ascent and then retired. In excellent condition and stored in a cool dry location since they were used. Pictures available upon request, and no major dings can be found in these fabulous plastic mountaineering boots. Size 11.5 These boots are the final word on plastic double mountaineering boots, Scarpa's Omega blends technical features, precise fit, and proven construction. Built to help you reach your goal, the themomoldable liner, Pebax shell, carbon fiber stiffeners, and deep lugs offer lightweight protection from the worst Mother Nature can throw at you. European sizing. $125 and I pay shipping to you.
  19. question Any News RE: Cilogear?

    Hi All, Anyone been in contact with Cilogear lately? Most of their trademark items on their site (IE worksack) seem to be out of stock and have been for a while and their social media accounts seem to have been quiet for the past few months. I have tried contacting many of the retailers that have carried their gear in the past and they all say they don't anymore and haven't heard from Cilo in a while I've heard various reports of the owner having battled a nasty case of pneumonia as well as that they have stopped accepting orders due to government/military orders being due. I tried contacting the shop but received no response. Anyway - hope they are well. Just curious if anyone has heard anything.
  20. I'm in search of a large synthetic belay parka. Mainly looking for a DAS Parka but open to a PHD Zeta, Arc'teryx Dually or similar. I'm new here. Been on MP for a long time but thought I'd try my luck here for belay parkas. Cheers!
  21. Trip: Cardinal, Emerald, Saska - Standards Trip Date: 06/27/2020 Trip Report: And this blast from the past brings us to June of 2020..... public lands are mostly open, with the exception of the National Parks. And @Trent and @ZakG decide it is finally time to branch out and go for the first overnight of our COVID season. Naturally, since it is June, the wet side lives up to its reputation and so we head east. Way east. It is a lot further over to the Entiat than I remember, but it does cut down on the masses. I think we only saw a handful of people all weekend, and plenty of space to stretch our legs and tick off a few more of the 100 highest. At this rate I might be done by the time I reach my full social security retirement age. But why rush? At this point I remember almost nothing about any of the routes we took, other than we didn't find any major obstacles. We generally looked at the map and followed our noses, ascending Cardinal the first day after setting up camp. The next day we went up Emerald, then stayed as high as we could over to Saska. We met a keen young man on the summit of Saska that was heading over to Pinnacle that same day. But we just took off our boots and enjoyed some time in the sun instead. It will have to wait for another trip. And, if we had been in a rush, we wouldn't have seen a golden eagle fly right under us along the North face of Saska (photo below). It was a good reminder that good things come to those who wait..... and to those that have their camera handy. Day 3 dawned cloudy with snow flurries, which rapidly intensified as we packed to leave with haste. Thankfully we were heading down and away from the worst of it and we didn't get too soaked or chilled. But it was another reminder that you often don't really know what is going to happen on these trips. Best be prepared! The hills are alive! Approaching camp (L) and ascending Cardinal (R) The three photos above are all on Cardinal Heading up Emerald with Saska behind (L), On Emerald near the summit (R) Looking back at Emerald from traverse to Saska On Saska with Cardinal above @Trent Summit views on Saska Golden Eagle on Saska. I emailed USFS wildlife biologists who work in this area and they say it is the first confirmed sighting in this part of the Cascades. Signing in to Saska. Please leave the registers up there, they are a great connection to our friends, some of whom are not with us any longer (RIP TJ). Heading down Saska Gear Notes: ice axe, crampon, helmet, fire. Approach Notes: North Fork Entiat Trail
  22. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    You should just be able to attach them to your original TR (can drag or choose files in the edit box when you open post to tweak it), then click on them to place them where you want in the post (you'll see upload status after you choose the files, once they're uploaded you can click on them to drop into the post). Or.....I should be able to edit using the files you linked above. But, I'll first see if you can get if figured out for future TRs..... BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM AND WANT MORE! edit: hmmmmmm, I wonder if something weird is going on with those files due to the extension on them? I can ask @jon and @olyclimber to weigh in.
  23. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Views from up on Mt Brown... Views from Avalanche Lake basin... Sprague creek pillars... Lake Macdonald...
  24. [TR] Glacier NP - multiple 11/22/2020

    Trip: Glacier NP - multiple Trip Date: 11/22/2020 Trip Report: My buddy Lucas and I went to Glacier NP for Thanksgiving because, well, Canada is closed and we're supposed to avoid other people. We were pretty successful in avoiding other people, but the exploratory nature of climbing in Glacier, along with some heinous snow conditions, made getting to/on climbs hard. What I learned about approaches on this trip can be summed up this way... North Cascades bushwhack + maritime snow pack = no problem. Dry inland shrubbery + continental snow pack = some work, but doable. North Cascades bushwhack + continental snow pack = YER GUNNA HAVE A BAD TIME!!! (this is where we spent a lot of the week) We did get on a couple good climbs though, and I would recommend going to this area (though maybe when there are different snow conditions). The first climb we did was a gully on the NW face of Mt. Brown which rises over 5,000 ft right off the road. We climbed 3,000 ft of rolling WI2 steps interspersed with wallowing and capped by a nice 70m rope stretcher of WI4. This took us to the summit ridge and our only clear day at altitude with great views. The second climb we did was an ice flow called The Pig (1,000ft WI4+) in Avalanche Lake basin. The approach was pretty heinous despite the short distance due to the aforementioned snow over logs, boulders, slide alder, and devils club, but the climbing options are numerous and high quality up there. Both of these routes are in the Big Sky ice guide by Brunckhorst. We spent some more time hiking/skiing around but between snow pack and weather did not get on any other climbs. I would highly recommend this area to folks who are looking for an adventurous ice climbing venue. The approaches can be long but are not bad by North Cascades standards. We un-lucked out with the snow on our trip which did not come down to the road but was unconsolidated in deep wind pockets a couple thousand feet higher. This made approaches difficult whether you brought skis or chose to walk. I would look for drier early season conditions or full snow coverage in the future. That said, the booter to Avalanche Lake wall is in and the gate is open all the way to the TH until Dec 15. Let me know if you want beta! Gear Notes: Standard ice kit, plus some pins/nuts/slings if in doubt. Approach Notes: Wallow like a snow hippo.
  25. Wy'East Gear and Experience Requirements: Should I climb it?

    I'm sure there is a range of opinion on this, but I think the SS of Hood is definitely not a "walk-up" for a beginning climber, judging by the amount of carnage it has wrought over the years from people falling down it. Long before I ever tied into a rope I gained valuable experience climbing scramble peaks in the shoulder seasons. Especially early season, these objectives are good at making you comfortable on steep, snowy ground with an axe and crampons. A great foundation to build technical skills on, esp. if you plan on mostly climbing in the PNW. Lots of snow travel! And, if you are looking to learn snow travel and crevasse rescue from an experienced hand, the guide services and local (depending on where you call home) climbing clubs offer a lot of options.
  26. Wy'East Gear and Experience Requirements: Should I climb it?

    While much of the Wy’East route is essentially just walking up a long snow slope with an axe and crampons, the crux is often very exposed and can involve some actual climbing and committing moves to get around the rocky gendarme—whichever way you go. Bailing from here means either walking all the way back down the way you came, or rapping down the second variation of the Devil’s Kitchen Headwall or down Flying Buttress. (Sometimes both are down-climbable, but there are often undercut rime steps.) One reasonable alternative might be to climb up Flying Buttress, as it can be quite moderate when conditions are right, and a picket or two might offer you a chance to protect or build a belay anchor. Then you would have a familiar descent route ready if you don’t like the gendarme.
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