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    • 28 July 2018 Until 29 July 2018
      Lenin peak 7134m Festival dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the first ascent.

      The Kyrgyz Alpine Club (KAC) and the State Administration of the Chon-Alai district of the Osh region and Kashkasuu local authority invite mountaineers, tourists, mountain lovers and also trekkers to join the Mountaineering Festival in the Pamirs in 2018 – the year of the 90th anniversary of the famous first ascent to Lenin Peak.
      Here is Information about Lenin Peak itinerary
      Detailed Program Festival.
    • 05 December 2018 04:00 PM Until 10 December 2018 01:00 AM
      December 5-9, 2018
      22nd Annual Bozeman Ice Festival

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    10 January 2018 03:00 AM     05:00 AM

    Last spring, Trevor Kostanich and Forest McBrian skied a high route from Snoqualmie Pass to Canada in 34 days. They would have preferred staying out longer. Both passionate ski tourers and pioneers of various traverses in the range, Trevor & Forest spent years working towards this trip. Come hear what it took to pull off, why this route, and see some section highlights including first descents.
    While surprised, and sincerely a little disappointed, that they did not see more people along the route, they were pleased to tour alongside some animal tracks and gain a greater appreciation for high mountain living.
    Ticket proceeds go to the Cascades Wolverine Project with special guest David Moskowitz (wildlife tracker, photographer, and outdoor educator) sharing a short informational video at the event.

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    10 January 2018 03:30 AM     05:00 AM

    Presenter: Robin Kodner 
    Snow Algae: Small Organisms, Big Impact

    How is Climate Change affecting life within the snow? Dr. Robin Kodner of Western Washington University will be presenting research on snow algae communities across the cascades and how citizen scientists can get involved.

    About Robin:
    Assistant Professor, Biology Department, WWU 

    Robin Kodner has been an assistant professor of Biology at Western Washington University since 2012. She earned her PhD at Harvard University in the Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs and School of Oceanography. Robin started her research career studying algal evolution over geologic time and moved to studying modern marine algal communities so that we could learn how they are responding to climate change. Her passion for being in the mountains has led Robin to expand her marine-based research into the mountains, applying the environmental genomic techniques to study snow algae communities. She is using the snow microbiome as a model to understand how communities evolve in response to climate change. In addition to her work, Robin has been an outdoor educator for over 15 years in the mountains and on sailboats. She uses both the ocean and mountain environments as platforms for teaching basic sciences. Kid Friendly

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