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Interesting Casino Superstitions across the World

What are your little quirks when the pressure gets to you when gambling? Most people display specific behavioral patterns and beliefs that let them maintain a sense of control in the heat of the moment. Did you know that Michael Jordan, the basketball legend, used to wear his old college shorts under the Chicago bulls jersey because it gave him great luck in big games? The famous John Wayne believed it was bad luck if his cowboy hat touched a bed's surface. Peculiar, right? Well, everybody has a familiar ritual that they exercise when their nerves are all over the place. Superstitions are an enduring part of gambling since time immemorial. Some specialists make a strong case on the relevance of paranormal phenomena in particular circumstances like competitive gaming. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that you can learn to use your zodiac sign to gain the upper hand in both physical and online casino games at thaicasinocenter.com. Whether gambling beliefs are a myth or factual, dedicated gamblers worldwide will continue applying their little quirks when spinning gaming reels, when it’s their turn to play a hand in poker or when tossing dice. It is part and parcel of their gambling ritual. Let us review some of the exciting gambling superstitions out there.

Superstitions associated with Bad Luck

Crossing Legs

Different parts of the world have different beliefs about crossing legs, but the most prevalent in casinos is that you create some type of a block when you frequently cross your legs. Players usually cross their legs if they do not want their opponent to win or when they are on the verge of winning. Some cultures believe that crossing legs attracts bad luck to a gambling table.

Itchy hands

Different parts of the world have contradicting beliefs about itchy palms. According to the European suburbs, if the inner part of the palm itches, one is about to have a misfortune. However, in Africa and parts of America, it is believed to be a sign of good luck. Some Africans believe an itchy palm means you are about to get money or wealth.

Bad Luck Numbers

Different cultures have various numbers or letters, which they consider unlucky. For example, in western countries, 13 is believed to bring misfortune. The Chinese dislike four and prefer using the number 8 since four is pronounced like death, while 8 is pronounced as prosperity. Similarly, bringing books to a gambling table is also a taboo, as it is believed to attract misfortune. Did you know that Axl Rose, the famous lead singer of Guns and Roses, refuses to perform in any city starting with an ‘M’? This is because he thinks such cities have an ominous hex on them.

Counting Winnings Before Others

Counting your money while others are watching is just rude! Gambling wisdom teaches that counting winnings on the gambling table is provoking bad luck. You can imagine the silent condemnation from the losers at the table. Frankly, this is a good code for any competitor to live by because it instills manners among gamblers.

Using the Front Entrance

It is baffling that a massive number of gamblers believe in this superstition. Its followers believe that rubbing against people coming out of a casino spreads bad luck hence reducing their chances of success. Since people use the front door while going out of casinos, such believers walk in through alternative entrances like the back door.

Good Luck Casino Superstitions

Blowing or Kissing Dices

This is perhaps the most proliferated superstition in mainstream media. In movies, gamblers blow dices before throwing them to the table. Some people even do it unknowingly while other gamblers get damsels in a casino to it for them.

Crossing Fingers

Similar to crossing legs, crossing fingers is a belief peculiar to most players. For example, after throwing dice in a game of craps, many players cross their fingers, hoping that the die lands on a favorable side. If you visit any casino, there are high chances that you will see several people crossing fingers, especially when they are close to landing big-money wagers.

Red Color

To many, red means power and is currently used symbolically in many aspects of our lives. Red may denote prosperity, wealth, love, among other interpretations. Red is a warning color in different gadgets and traffic lights. Other people believe wearing red to casinos brings good luck. Some people even repeat certain clothes because they previously had good gaming luck in such attires.

Maintaining Postures

Observing these behavioral patterns may be more fun than following your regular routine when visiting a casino. Posture is commonly associated with certain superstitions because our bodies naturally respond to specific emotions. For example, fear causes our bodies to stiffen; thus, some gamblers opt to remain standing or sit still throughout a game to avoid jinxing their game with random postures. Some even hold their breath after throwing a dice until it settles.

When considering gambling rituals, they are as personal as any other form of belief. Feel free to do whatever works for you.


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