Metolius Offset TCU Pricing

The following table compares the pricing of Metolius Ultralight Offset TCUs with similar type gear:

Table 5: Pricing

Camming Unit
Metolius Offset TCU single
$49.50 per unit
Full Set Metolius Offset (5 TCUs)
$247.50 ($217.80 On Sale!)
Black Diamond Camalot C3 single
Full Set Black Diamond Camalot C3 (5 cams)
$349.75 ($304.25 On Sale!)
CCH Alien Offsets hard to come by these days!
$59.95-62.95 per unit
Metolius Standard Ultralight TCU single
$49.50 per unit
Full Metolius Standard Ultralight TCU (6 TCUs)
$297.00 ($267.00 On Sale!)

At almost $100 dollars cheaper than the Camalot C3s, the Metolius Offsets are a relative value. The CCH Offset Aliens are much harder to find these day, as CCH is working on sorting out its manufacturing problems.

                            A. #1 Standard older (non-Ultralight) Metolius TCU
B. .4 Black Diamond Camalot C4
C. Standard yellow CCH Alien
D. #2/3 Offset Metolius TCU

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