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Metolius Offset TCU Measurements

Buy Metolius Ultralight Offset TCUs
Size #00/0
Size #0/1
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Size #3/4
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The Offset TCUs feature a wider cam face when compared to the Alien Offsets. However, the Aliens are a 4 lobed unit.

Figure 2.

Refer to Figure 2 for the specific items being measured on Offset TCU in Table 3 below. Note that we did not have the #1/2 size available to measure.

Table 3: Offset TCU Measurements

Offset TCU Size Total Cam Width (D) mm Cam Lobe Width (A/B/C) mm Overall Length (mm) Total Wieght (grams)
00/0 35mm 5/6/5mm 134mm 46.7g
0/1 35mm 6/6/6mm 135mm 48.0g
1/2 Not available Not available Not Available Not Available
2/3 38mm 6/9/6mm 150mm 60.6g
3/4 38mm 6/9/6mm 150mm 64.5g


When you compare them to other similar camming devices we had on hand, you start to see some weight saving:

Table 4 : Comparative Camming Device Measurements

Camming Device
Total Width (D) (mm)
Cam Lobe Width (mm)
Overall Length (mm)
Total Weight (grams)
#00 Metolius TCU (standard)
5/6/5mm (A/B/C measurement above)
#1 Metolius TCU (standard)
6/9/6mm (A/B/C measurement above)
Offset Red/Yellow Alien
Standard YellowAlien
.4 Camalot C4 42mm 6mm** 190mm 82.5g
#00 Camalot C3 *** Not available Not available Not available 57g ***
#1 Camalot C3 *** Not available Not available Not available 62g ***


* All the Aliens I have measure to date have these dimensions. They all have 4 lobes, each with a width of 5mm.

** The Black Diamond Camalot C4 has 4 lobes, each measuring 6mm in width.

*** Measurements taken from the manufacturers website. did not have gear on hand.

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