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Metolius Offset TCU Design

The Ultralight Offset TCUs employ the standard “U” shaped design you’re already familiar with in past Metolius camming units. Some prefer a single stem design, but Metolius touts the design as having “greater durability & unparalleled control during placement and retraction”. The two larger sizes we tested have the Ranger Finder technology for helping assess placement quality. The Range Finder feature is unique to Metolius camming units, and I have yet to meet person who actually uses that feature to gauge a placement. The Offset TCUs also have the Direct Axle Technology (DAT) which both lightens the TCU and gives more placement options. To get an idea what DAT really is, compare an older standard Range Finder #1 TCU to an Ultralight Offset TCU:

Figure 1.

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As you can see in Figure 1, the collar on the Ultralight Offset ( indicated by “B”) has been redesigned, making a much smaller placement profile and also lightening the TCU significantly when compared to the older TCU design (indicated by “A”). This Direct Axle Technology is also available in the Metolius standard TCUs, Powercams, Fatcams, and Supercams. When you start to add up the weight of a full or double rack, these cams can save you quite a bit of weight. The Offset TCUs also feature a 13mm dyneema sling, color coded so you can differentiate them from standard TCUs. Also, the tubing on the “U” shaped end of the TCU has color coded tubing. The lobes are constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum.

   #0/1 Offset TCU placed midway up City Park at Index

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