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Metolius Offset TCU Conclusion

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In our limited testing the prototype Metolius Offset TCUs placed well. By all appearances the manufacturing quality is excellent. Considering we’ve only had a chance use them for a limited number of pitches and haven’t had the “opportunity” to fall on one or wear one out, there are a limited number of conclusions we can draw other than “looks good”. The Ultralight design makes these easily the lightest camming devices I have ever used. At $49.50 pre unit, the Offset TCU is also very competitively priced. With the only other manufacturer putting out small offset active camming devices having manufacturing issues, these TCUs might be your only choice in this specialized product space. I believe these TCUs are worth picking up if you like the “U” shaped design and do a lot of aid climbing, and especially if weight is a big concern to you. You may also want to consider some of the mid- to larger sizes to supplement your free climbing rack. If that isn’t an option, borrow or steal them off your partner’s rack and give them a try. Given their small size and weight, he or she might just not notice they are missing.

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