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Ice Climbing Gear Intro

This article is intended to inform you of the features and uses of modern ice climbing gear. The focus is on technical waterfall ice and mixed climbing, as well as alpine routes in the mountains. For specifics on how to ice climb and the details of how to safely and correctly use the gear that I will discuss, please be sure to consult a qualified teaching source and use this article only as a reference of my personal experience and opinion. Your safety is entirely your responsibility and it is up to you to take what you read here and use it safely and discretionarily.

In each section there are several examples of specific products from a variety of manufacturers. These lists are not meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive of the range of products on the market. Rather, the examples shown are chosen to display the features discussed. As with anything, you should try as many of the available products in person and decide for yourself what suits you best. Thank you to Petzl, Black Diamond, Grivel, CAMP, Simond, Yates, Mammut, Kayland, Cloudveil and Atlas for their fabulous product images.

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