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Advertising Opportunities on

Started in 2000, has risen from one of the first climbing message boards on the internet to one of the most popular and vibrant outdoor communities online. We serve in upwards of 1 million pages a month and 70,000 unique visitors a month. Whether you are outdoor retailer, climbing gym, guide service, online store, or manufacturer, we offer several attractive advertising opportunities that will get you noticed. Our preference is working with local “brick and mortar” business and we will work to accommodate anyone on any budget.

We offer two advertising spaces currently on The first advertising space is comprised of a 468×60 ad that shows in the upper right hand corner of almost every page on This ad space offers highest visibility. Rates for this space are dependant on size and length of your ad campaign.

Our second ad space is a 180×180 space that shows up on a large majority of the pages on This space offers more flexibility for large logos or featured products than the above option. Your ads can either be graphical, html, or a combination of both. We prefer to run this ad space on a flat rate and a guaranteed display of 100,000 impressions per month. We take a limited number of advertisers for this space.

All advertisements are served using sophisticated ad serving software that tracks all impressions, clicks, and allows advertisers to selectively weight their ads so that some are shown more then others. In the near future we will have a more fully featured software that will allow advertisers to track and change their ads in real-time.

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