Synthetic urine: what is that and how to use it

Random and last-minute drug tests are sometimes scheduled in workplaces. Such situations leave employees or interviewees with a lot at stake since they risk losing or not landing the job at all if they fail the drug test. Luckily, the lifesaving invention of fake urine has provided a quick fix for those on marijuana and other drugs.

What is synthetic urine?

The question on many people's minds is what is synthetic urine, and will fake pee pass a drug test? Fake or synthetic urine is artificially blended to mimic the constitution, chemical characteristics, and yellowish appearance of natural urine. Some variations of synthetic pee also contain uric acid and creatinine to fully imitate these characteristics. The two kinds of synthetic urine available today are:

  •                 Powdered synthetic urine
  •                 Liquid synthetic urine

Using synthetic urine

Although synthetic urine products and kits all work on the same principle, different brands may work better for specific genders mainly due to the fact that the urinary mechanism of these genders defers.  Whichever the case, ensure you find the best fake pee test kit that fits your needs and quality preferences.

Like most products, synthetic urine and kits come with a direction of use that should be followed keenly. Keeping pee warm is also a crucial step to achieving your desired test results. Some users prefer to heat the synthetic urine for ten seconds in a microwave and keep it warm using a body or hand warmer. However, this is risky as the urine temperature may drop, making a fake pee test kit fitted with a temperature control gadget the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is synthetic urine detectable? – As mentioned earlier, synthetic pee is specially designed to mimic the characteristics of natural urine. If the proper procedures involved in mixing and storing the urine are followed, it is safe to say that artificial pee is not easily detectable.

Why is keeping synthetic urine at optimal temperatures essential? – Synthetic urine easily fluctuates in temperature depending on the environment or weather. Temperatures that are off could cause discoloration or contamination of fake pee.

Is it difficult to prepare synthetic pee? – Preparing artificial pee is quite easy as the instructions are easily available on the product container.

Is synthetic pee safe for health when leaking? – Artificial urine is safe since it is safely packed, and the components used are similar to those found in natural urine.


It is no doubt that using artificial pee plays a great role in determining whether you botch your drug test or not. Therefore, finding a high-quality field test kit that meets the required standards is essential. With many brands manufacturing fake pee and kits, it is advisable that you try looking for stores that sell synthetic urine near me. Finding the right product for you means you can stop worrying about how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine as the process should be flawless.

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