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A BALANCED WAY TO CARRYRIBZ front pack is designed for the avid sportsman who needs his/her critical gear in a quick & ready location. Easily accessible from the front and designed to work with any traditional backpack or independently, RIBZ allows you to keep your essential gear in a fast and easy to reach location. The RIBZ front pack is an excellent option for those putting together an ultralight backpacking strategy. Their weight is less than 11 oz. Utilizing the 600 plus cubic inches of storage in the front pack can reduce the size of your backpack dramatically. Front packs move a portion of the weight forward, improving the balance of the load, and improving your posture and mobility. FEATURES218 D Interwoven reinforced water ripstop nylonWater Proof / Self Healing50mm adjustable balistic nylon adjustable with D ring attachementsThe front pack helps to counter-balance the larger load on your back. This reduces stress on the spine and enhances your comfort and posture.Front pack

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