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Patagonia Girl's Synchilla Fleece Vest - Toddlers'

Offering not-too-hot warmth, the Patagonia Synchilla vest offers just-right insulation to keep your toddler comfortable without overheating.

Patagonia Men's Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Vest

This go-anywhere vest is almost as comforting as a slice of mom's warm-from-the-oven homemade bread. It holds body heat close to your core while allowing your arms to move freely and get the job done....

Patagonia Synchilla Fleece Vest - Toddlers'/Infants'

Parents swear by the Patagonia Synchilla vest, and here's why it's a cult favorite: The soft, breathable, recycled polyester double-faced fleece is warm but not too hot, so kids don't mind wearing it.