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Patagonia Re-Tool Vest Womens Vest

The Women's Re-Tool Vest is a perfect addition to any layering system. This timeless piece continues to provide a comfortable layering option that increases warmth without restricting movement. It layers...

from $108.95
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Patagonia Down Sweater Womens Vest

Adding a vest to your layering system can make a substantial difference in comfort. The Patagonia Women's Down Sweater Vest is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and incredibly warm. Insulated with...

from $129.99
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Patagonia Re-Tool Womens Vest

Designed to be worn stand alone in mild weather, or as a layering piece in frigid conditions the Re-Tool Vest from Patagonia is sure to be your new favorite companion. Constructed out of Polartec Thermal...

from $76.30
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