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The Black Diamond Positron Quickpack is a set of six Positron quickdraws for completing your rack in one fell swoop. Up at the top of the Dynex dogbone is a straight gate Positron carabiner, while secured in a Straightjacket insert down at the bottom is a bent gate Positron carabiner. The combination provides incredibly fast clips and cleans, so you can tackle the next problem with a clear mind, instead of worry about your protection. Buy six at once, because adding indiviDual quickdraws to your shopping cart is so last year. Features of the Black Diamond Positron Quickpack Straight gate Positron on top and bent gate Positron on the bottom Dual keylocks ease clipping and cleaning Equipped with an 18 mm Polyester Dogbone with Straitjacket Quickpack is a set of 6 draws

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