Black Diamond Camalot C4 Cam

The gold standard for camming units, Black Diamond Camalots' double-axle design allows retraction of larger cam lobes, giving them a much larger expansion range than traditional single-axle units. They are lightweight, the cable loop and trigger are easy to grab, and Black Diamond's patented slings are large enough to manipulate with gloves. Accept no substitutes.Black Diamond Camalot C4 Cam Features: Double-axle design offers widest range for each cam unit C-Loop continuous cable stem design is strong and durable Color-coded for easy identification and wide range of sizes Neutrino Rackpack available for easy racking (see Carabiner section) Black Diamond Camalot C4 Cam Specs: Weight: [0.3] 75 g (2.65 oz) [0.4] 83 g (2.93 oz) [0.5] 99 g (3.49 oz) [0.75] 119 g (4.18 oz) [1] 136 g (4.8 oz) [2] 155 g (5.47 oz) [3] 201 g (7.1 oz) [4] 289 g (10.2 oz) [5] 380 g (13.4 oz) [6] 557 g (1 lb 4 oz) Range: 

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