Bern-aDiablo EPS Thin Shell Helmet – Kids’

SPEED DEMON.Between winter days on the slopes and summer nights on bikes and skateboards, your kid never slows down. When heGCOs wearing the Bern Diablo EPS Thin Shell, you wonGCOt have to worry so much about his noggin on the snow and pavement he rips up year round. Designed with skate style in mind, BernGCOs EPS hard foam coated in ABS polycarbonate thin shell weighs less than a pound and can stand up to the abuse he dishes out. When seasons change from snow to sun, just remove the fleecy winter earpads and change the customizable venting to keep him protected. FEATURESProtection for skiing, snowboarding, biking, skating, and general hell raisingDurable and light construction can take a beatingRemovable earpads and customizable venting for summer activities

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