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It's a call that happens a few times each season--tomorrow morning, top of the tram, 9AM, keep your mouth shut. You're gearing up for an extremely unofficial and highly illegal downhill race tomorrow morning, so it only makes sense you'll dial up your Armada Invictus 99 Ti Skis while you prepare to annihilate your fellow dirtbag resort-antagonizers. The 99mm waist lets this ski thrive in any conditions, with a rockered tip that eases turn initiation and keeps you afloat in fresh snow. The Power-Lite wood core offers a smooth, stable flex, with carbon stringers to give you a lively and playful pop. Armada buffed up the core construction of the Invictus this year by integrating a layer of Innegra mesh and carbon into the laminate to increase dampness and keep your ride smooth. The double layer of Titanal and Comp Series bases provide the power and speed you need to bomb down the hill, leaving your duct-tape-clad competitors in the dust.

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