Armada Atka Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket – Men’s

There are only two things that get you out of bed before 10 a. m.--an extra-cheesy breakfast burrito and an ultra-deep powder day. Hopefully you don't have to choose between the two, and you can hop in the line for first chair with your Armada Men's Atka Gore-Tex Insulated Jacket with a burrito (or two) stashed in the pocket. This fully taped jacket features a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex shell that repels snow, rain, and even hot sauce. Polyfill insulation provides low-profile warmth, so you'll stay nice and toasty on icy chairlifts without that stifling feeling that often comes with down. The powder skirt seals out deep snow while you're blasting through the white room, and the large hand pockets are the perfect spot to stash that extra bean-filled concoction for an afternoon pick-me-up when you're buddies start to drop like flies, but you're not ready to stop harvesting those frothy, bottomless turns.

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