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Don't head out for a big day in the backcountry without the Arc'teryx Women's Satoro AR Zip Neck Top on your back. Using the advanced fabric technology of Nucliex STR, this midweight baselayer keeps you warm and comfortable during long, intense backcountry endeavors. Nucliex STR fabric uses merino wool spun around a nylon core filament to offer the benefits of lighter weight wool fabrics without the loss in abrasion-resistance and durability. Merino wool naturally regulates temperature and insulates even when wet, so you stay comfortable while skinning and skiing, and the nylon core makes the fabric 20% stronger and 50% more abrasion-resistant than wool alone, all without adding bulk or weight. The tall collar adds warmth for frigid starts, while the deep V-neck unzips for rapid ventilation as it warms up throughout the day.

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