Arbor Westmark Camber Frank April Edtion Snowboard

Arbor team rider and ultra-smooth urban destroyer Frank April loved the buttery flex and versatile performance of the Westmark, but wanted something poppier to suit his aggressive freestyle approach to riding. To satisfy his needs, Arbor reversed the Westmark's rocker to create the Westmark Camber Frank April Edition Snowboard. It has the same crisp feel as the original, just with a poppier System Camber profile for fully engaged performance and bigger ollies. System Camber features parabolic camber that's less aggressive towards the tip and tail contacts for a less-catchy feel that still maintains the pre-loaded pop of a traditional cambered deck. Up-Rise fenders further the forgiveness with beveled, 3D-lifted contact points for a cleaner, catch-free ride when you're spinning onto rails and flying around the resort. Grip Tech uses two additional contact points along each edge to allow for reliable edge hold on a rocker profile. A lively, sustainably harvested poplar core and ash wood topsheet enhance pop and strength while making the board eco-friendlier.

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