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Drawing praise everywhere on the mountain, the Arbor Women's Poparazzi Snowboard propels your skills to the next level with its versatile twin shape, confidence-inspiring flex, and catch-free rocker profile. Designed for beginner-to-intermediate riders, the Poparazzi is a great platform for progressing rapidly. It's most comfortable cruising on long groomers, slashing turns in the trees, and lapping the park till your legs can't handle any more riding. The Mountain Twin shape is centered for a well-balanced feel, while a slightly larger nose improves stability and enhances float in fresh snow. The Poparazzi's medium-soft flex is forgiving to improve your carving skills, but it won't hold you back when you're picking up speed and hitting mid-sized kickers. Keeping the board catch-free, The System Rocker gives you a loose, playful feel. Not only does this rockered board prevent unwanted edge catches while carving, but it also creates a board that's forgiving on landings and floats well in powder. And because conditions aren't always ideal, the Grip Tech sidecut places two additional contact points alongside your bindings for reliable edge hold on icy snow.

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