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When Bryan Iguchi puts his name on a snowboard, you'd better damn well take note. This legendary rider came together with Arbor to deliver the perfect tool for backcountry exploration, and the glorious result is the Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard. With The System Camber, Karakoram clips, and a lightweight Highland core, this split is built for a fully immersive backcountry experience in all conditions, across any terrain. The System Camber offers a poppy ride with crisp, fully engaged performance, while the parabolic camber guarantees the outside contact points don't dig too far into the snow, which in turn creates a cleaner, less-catchy board. This parabolic camber is combined with uprise fenders, which lift off the snow along the tip and tail contact points to prevent unwanted edge catches, especially when you're linking turns on hardpack and crust. The medium-stiff flex provides versatility across varying snow conditions, while the directional twin shape has a shorter tail and wider nose that keeps you atop of deep powder without helplessly submerging. Knucklehead tips offer extra plowing power when surfing through powder, and the Grip Tech sidecut design provides additional contact points that grip the snow securely and make turning easier, even in sketchy conditions. Plus, the included Karakoram clips firmly secure the halves together to get rid of unwanted slop in the seam.

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