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Aqua-Bound Spark 2-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle - Aluminum Shaft

If you're just getting into stand-up paddleboarding, the Aqua-Bound Spark 2-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle is a perfect starter paddle. The paddle includes a number of features that facilitate comfortable...

Aqua-Bound Freedom Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

An adjustable stand up paddle with a carbon-fiber shaft and a fiberglass-reinforced resin blade, the Aqua-Bound Freedom offers a durable, responsive connection to your local waters.

Aqua-Bound Freedom 85 2-Piece Stand Up Paddle

The Aqua-Bound Freedom 85 stand up paddle has a smaller, high-cadence blade profile that provides a less fatiguing paddle stroke and lighter overall weight for a more enjoyable paddling experience.