Amplid Syntax Ski

Park skis have to take a beating--rails, icy landings, and heavy crashes aren't exactly gentle on equipment--but they also have to be light enough to turn 1080s into 1260s and double corks into triple corks. Amplid's Syntax Ski manages to balance durability, lightness, and pop, making it a weapon of choice for athletes and video stars alike. Amplid trusts its snappy Helio P15 Ultralight wood core to bring lively energy through the body of the ski, but it replaces the material with a Hex02 wood core at the tips and tails. This mysterious material, made with recycled paper honeycomb, makes swing weight and chatter on hardpack all but disappear. Over the top of the ski, a pre-stretched Hex Mat fiberglass laminate further adds responsiveness and snap that won't fade with use over the years. The Syntax's Pop Camber shape brings serious energy to the ski, so you can boost to the moon and hold a solid edge when you're heading into icy takeoffs. Amplid made sure the sintered base was fast as lightning, so you don't end up knuckling when you were planning on stomping.

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