Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoe – Women’s

If you've ever dreamed of being able to take biomechanics-inspired analytics and apply it in real-time, then the Altra Women's Torin IQ Smart Running Shoe might just be a dream come true. The Torin IQ enables you to get the personalized feedback you need in order to become a more efficient runner by downloading the Altra IQ app on your phone, lacing the Torin IQ to your feet and, oh yeah, running. The secret of the Torin IQ's system lay within a multi-factor approach. For starters, the intuitive nature of Altra's designs allows you to maximize on your stride. Secondly, the Altra IQ system offers you training tips as a personal trainer would--just without the costly membership fee. And third' Bluetooth accessibility and a willingness to bring your phone along on runs. The interior of the Torin's midsole is a series of paper-thin sensors that send live data from the Quad Accelerometers to the Altra IQ app on your phone. The Altra IQ maps and monitors your movements, offering live (and audible) feedback on the following details: impact force/balance, landing zone, cadence, and contact time. Additionally, the IQ app tracks your time, pace, and distance, allowing you to maximize on your efforts and apply the data in real-time. So with that in mind, a comfortable shoe can make all the difference. And the Torin is Altra's best-selling road shoe for good reason. The Torin features an updated, seamless mesh upper that complements the pronounced V-shaped last that Altra is known for. This design feature reduces pressure points and gives your toes room to splay as much as they need as you tackle long, endurance runs and short training sessions alike. An EVA midsole provides a responsive feel underfoot, while the generous amount of cushion is more than adept at handling long runs. The A-Bound top layer adds an extra bit of spring, and the even stack height throughout the forefoot and heel promotes a more natural midfoot landing with each stride.

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