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The Altra Women's Torin 3 Running Shoe is equal parts comfortable and durable. Designed to enhance your natural stride without prohibiting what exactly your workout or run requires, the Torin 3 makes its case as an adaptive shoe fit for tempo training, long runs, or strength-based sessions alike. That being said, the original Torin was a bit of a hit, so it should come as no surprise that the Torin 3 will offer comparable performance. However, it does have a few new updates starting with a more breathable upper and better constructed FootPod outsole that flexes with the bones and tendons of your foot to maintain dexterity. In keeping with the original design, the Torin 3 is a neutral running shoe with a FootShape Toe Box that allows your toes to spread out naturally for enhanced stability and speed, while the fully-cushioned Zero Drop platform naturally aligns your body posture and promotes low-impact technique. The dual-layer EVA InnerFlex midsole utilizes grid-like grooves to maximize flexibility and reduce weight as the A-Bound layer provides superior cushioning for your feet.

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