Altra One v3 Running Shoe – Women’s

Change has a bit of a bad rap, which is understandable considering the fact that change ends up being a shade tough. But when change was applied to the Altra Women's One v3 Running Shoe, it was designed to make your runs, well, easier and more enjoyable. The One v3 has been updated to feature a more firm, performance-oriented feel rather than the soft, plush ride that the 2. 5 provided--this alteration makes the One v3 ideal for fartlek training and road racing alike. Additionally, the One v3 is fashioned with a new seamless upper, complete with TPU reinforcements for torsional rigidity and quick-dry mesh for unencumbered breathability and comfort. Meanwhile, the Zero Drop platform encourages a natural stride, allowing you to make the most of your turnover and gait. And as we mentioned previously, the InnerFlex EVA midsole flaunts a bit more of a stiff feel underfoot--so rather than sinking through the midsole to the rubber, you're able to launch through transitions.

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