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Constructed from fiberglass resin with interchangeable EVA foam pads, Alpinestars' BNS Pro Neck Support minimizes risk of serious injury. During a crash, the BNS Pro's structural integrity, from the lightweight resin, protects against heavy impacts. At the rear of the BNS Pro, a rear stabilizer promotes PFR (Progressive Force Relief) to dissipate energy loads across the back and shoulders -- and away from the vertebrae. The frame design also promotes improved helmet contact through a wide support edge, which accounts for varying helmet shapes and sizes to reduce hyper-flexion. The fiberglass frame isn't just light and tough, Alpinestar also designed it with superb ergonomics. This not only improves comfort when riding, but it includes an innovative quick-release locking system. The result is speedy and efficient fitting/removal for simple gearing up or post-ride gearing down. EVA foam padding distributes impact forces to reduce injury and to cushion. Alpinestars' BNS Pro Neck Support comes in the color Black/white/red and in the sizes X-Small/small/medium and Large/x-large.

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