Aire Force Inflatable Kayak

Aire has a long history of manufacturing top-shelf river rafts and whitewater rafting accessories, and in response to a need for an easily transportable river kayak solution, it created the Force Inflatable Kayak. Compared to the rest of Aire's line of inflatable kayaks, no other boat comes close to the Force in matching the quickness and speed normally only found in a traditional hardshell kayak. The minimal 11-inch bow and stern kick allows the Force to easily surf waves and blast through challenging holes, and the rugged PVC shell handles the occasional brush with the bottom when you're paddling through shallow riffles or steep rapids. Aire even threw in thigh pads to help give the Force a more responsive feel while surfing, rolling, or practicing some new tricks at the whitewater park. Leafield valves ensure easy inflation, and the built-in float bags located at the bow and stern make rolling the Force a whole lot easier when you're in a bad spot. After a long day on the river, this boat quickly deflates, rolls up, and stashes in the back of your wagon or the bed of your truck--no roof rack required. For experienced kayakers on the hunt for a fun, quick inflatable for running day trips and morning-to-night river sections, this is the ideal choice.

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