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If you've been suffering through a few weeks of nonstop plans, overtime at work, or an unreasonable amount of cookies in the house, make a fresh start and get back on the roads with the Adidas Supernova Men's Running Shoe. A few lapsed weeks (or months) of training happen to everyone, and they're a lot easier to come back from with a fresh pair of kicks easing you into those first heavy steps. Soft and cushy, but not lacking backbone, the Supernova's a versatile all-rounder eager to help get you out the door. With stretchy, second-skin uppers wrapping around your feet, you'll be hard pressed to find serious fit issues in the accommodating Supernova. The breathable, light mesh hugs your lumps and bumps without restriction, while Adidas' FitCounter adds stability around your heel and Achilles to balance the shoe's soft, springy feel. The shoe's plushness comes courtesy of Adidas' Boost cushioning, a compound that manages to bring marshmallow softness with equal parts responsiveness and durability to every step. And as extra insurance, Adidas adds a beefy rubber outsole for a little more grip and durability when you start to really rack up the miles.

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