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Before your first foray into the backcountry, make sure to pick up the ARVA Evo4 Starter Combo Kit. A solid Access TS shovel, user-friendly Evo 4 Beacon, and Light 240 probe are all included in this package to keep you safe out of bounds for seasons to come. With all the tools to handle dicey snow situations, the Evo 4 Beacon has a clip that turns the device on when you strap it to your body, a group check feature, and marking function for multiple victim emergencies. It also runs on alkaline batteries, has a 250-hour life for longer excursions, and the display is easy to read when time is of the essence. The Light 240 Probe quickly extends to 240cm for easy locating, and the TS Access shovel has an oval-shaped shaft made from tough aluminum for rigidity when you need to slice through snow and ice.

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