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Spring brings with it a newfound freedom from layers as the snow melts and high mountain roads reappear. We've all been tempted to set out on an early April ride armed with only a jersey in temperatures just on this side of warm, with fingers crossed the wind remains low and the cloud cover stays away. A better option is to keep things light and be prepared for changing breezes and chilly cloud cover in the 7mesh Industries Men's Northwoods Jacket.Made from lightweight, breathable, and wind-resistant fabrics, this jacket may not be best suited for hardcore storms that require full water blocking power, but it provides just the right amount of protection for brisk and blustery days in the saddle. Underarm vents provide additional breathability to avoid overheating, while elastic grip at the hem holds the jersey in place and prevents unwanted exposure to chilly breezes. Reflective detailing adds a touch of safety, increasing visibility to motorists and other road users in low-light and dreary conditions.

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