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Whether or not we like admitting it, our moms are right about a lot of things. We should eat our spinach, try not to stay up too late, and never forget our helmets. If it was around when we were kids, our moms probably wouldn't have let us out of the house without the 7 Protection Control Body Suit, too, and that's another thing they would have had right. While full on spine, shoulder and chest protection might seem like overkill, its combination of flexible polygon foam and hardshell can be the difference between a life-altering spinal injury, and getting back on the bike to try to clear that gap jump for the fourth time. The Control Body Suit offers full-on protection for your torso and shoulders on the bike, with a non-intrusive, adjustable fit. It uses a perforated foam internal panel that stretches and flexes to achieve maximum comfort and freedom of movement on the bike. The harshell exterior takes the brunt of big blows, while the foam interior absorbs and disperses the energy from impact, so your body doesn't have to take the hit so hard. Large TPR straps around the waist and shoulders make it easy to dial in your fit, and can be adjusted with gloved hands when you're on the bike, and the chest and back panels have removable sections to accommodate neck braces for extending the protection. The construction, while burly, manages to maintain a low profile, so you can still wear it underneath jerseys when you ride.

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