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As it does with its traditional drop bars, 3T bestowed careful attention to detail on its top-end Ergonova LTD Stealth Handlebar, shaping it in the increasingly popular ergonomic style and creating the option for a cockpit that works more naturally with your body's anatomy in the saddle. If you're looking to make a noticeable departure from shallow, race-focused bars, the Ergonova LTD Stealth is a versatile addition to any frame, accommodating a wide range of riders without adding unnecessary grams to your setup. 3T constructs the Ergonova LTD Stealth using high-modulus carbon fiber, and their top-of-the-line LTD distinction signifies that during production, the carbon fiber is laid up for the best possible balance of strength and weight. The result is an overall claimed weight of just 180g on a bar that feels far more substantial than its weight suggests. It's shaped with wide, flat tops for resting your wrists during long pulls on the front and a six-degree flare on the bar ends that extends the width by 16mm for a more relaxed shoulder position while slugging away in the drops. The bar's flared drops also allow the brake hoods to remain closer to one another, better accommodating riders with narrower shoulders. The actual drop and reach of the Ergonova stays with the versatile theme as well, at a moderate 77mm reach and 123mm drop to ensure smaller-framed riders are able to use the Ergonova comfortably and that won't leave you dreading spending long, winding descents in your drops. Please note that the Ergonova LTD Stealth can't be fitted with any type of clip-on aerobars.

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