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All handlebars are not created equal, and when you're building up your svelte carbon racing machine, bars are a crucial piece for both fit and (let's admit it) aesthetics. Fortunately, 3T has always had its clean lines and subtle colors dialed, and the Aerotundo LTD Handlebar only confirms these trends; however, it's also built with the aerodynamic pedigree to race. Sitting at the top end of 3T's collection of drop bars, the Aerotundo LTD boasts a high-modulus, unidirectional carbon fiber construction that adds just 185g to your overall setup while helping minimize road vibrations during long rides. Its efficient design is set up for internal cable routing for compatibility with electronic drivetrains, as well as to keep the lines of your frame as smooth and uninterrupted as possible while eliminating drag. In terms of shaping, 3T gave the Aerotundo LTD a longer reach than its more traditional drop bars, orienting cyclists further forward in an aggressive, stretched-out position that lends itself to racing more than casual rides. As you grip the drops, you'll have a moderate, square bend to hang onto, similar to 3T's Rotundo bars, which gives you freedom to move around and find your ideal hand position over the course of a ride or race. Wide, flat airfoil tops provide a place of respite for your hands during long climbs, allowing you to release the tension in your shoulders and back while they maintain the overall aerodynamics of the bars. The Aerotundo LTD is also compatible with 3T clip-ons, just in case you find yourself with a sudden mid-season desire to jump into a tri or two.

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