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Satisfying the needs of all three triathlon stages, the 2XU Women's Active Tri Short provides mild compression, quick-drying comfort, and streamlined efficiency. Both SBR Lite and SBR Skin fabrics employ low-gauge elastane, which is mildly compressive without being restrictive like high-gauge triathlon and recovery apparel. This means hard-working muscles gain a touch of stability during race and training scenarios, but without restricting critical motions. This mildly compressive fabric works to reduce drag when you're swimming, cycling, and running by clinging tightly to reduce flapping in the water and breeze. The fabric's high-filament nylon increases durability and readily evacuates moisture after leaving the swim stage for the bike and run. Its ability to quickly shed moisture is paramount once you leave the water, as excess moisture creates irritation nightmares when you're cranking away in the bike stage. Plus, this quick-drying ability means that you'll stay pleasantly cool during sweaty grinds on your bike and staggering strides towards the finish line. The Active Tri Short enjoys the benefits of an Elite LD Chamois, which is a multi-layered affair with perforations that disperse moisture the minute you leave the water and hop in the saddle. High-density foam works to dissipate jarring road vibrations transmitted through your stiff road frame, with a high-filament lining maintaining a buttery-smooth feel underneath. For the construction of the short, smooth flatlock stitching is essential to maintaining comfort without a scratchy, irritating feel.

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