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Why pick either style or performance when you can pick both' Pick up a pair of 100% Campo Sunglasses for a retro style that's built to handle the trail and road, with full wrap fit to stay secure with minimal wiggle and slip on a ride. The frames feature the same high performance materials we've come to expect with 100%'s eyewear, with vintage inspired design. The Campo sunglasses are built from Grilamid TR90 that is durable and can withstand blows from trees or pavement, and feature thermoplastic padding on the temples and nose for added comfort. With several frame and lens color options you're set to pick what style fits your needs and your personal preference best. The sturdy polycarbonate lenses claim shatterproof quality, which can be a lifesaver to your eyes when it comes to a big crash that could result in shattered lenses doing serious damage. The Campo frame comes with a few different lens quality options as well that can improve the color contrast or definition of your view. HiPER lenses offer ultra-high definition color and a significant boost in contrast, so you'll have an easier time spotting loose rock or debris that could be a day-ender on your ride, and Peakpolar lenses offer a glare-reducing quality that's similar to polarized, but won't turn your cycling computer screen black when you need to watch your cadence.

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