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Brad Driscol Cookie Invitational* Bouldering Fr...

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It's nearly time for a


(1st ever) Brad Driscol Cookie Invitational* Bouldering Friendly**


This, hopefully, will be a small, low-key, indoor bouldering competition.


All ages, all genders welcome, and all compete in the same "division". Those who have never been in a real competition before, and can boulder about V4-V8, are particularly welcome.


*If you promise to bring cookies and behave, then you're invited.


When: Saturday morning, Nov. 28.


Where: An indoor facility in Redmond.


Cost: Bring some cookies.


Prize: Some of those cookies.


For the exact time and place, as well as the proposed format, send me (Jon) an email (jontne at gmail). The format doesn't allow for more than 6 persons total, so you must contact me if you want to participate.


** The problems outnumbered the people, but a good time was had by all. (For those of you familiar with Mr. Brad Driscol.)



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